BlackRidge Technology Expands Board of Directors

Recognized global thought leaders, Richard J. Berman, Frank J. Fanzilli, Jr., and Robert F. Lentz join BlackRidge

Aug 27, 2013, 00:01 ET from BlackRidge Technology

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Aug. 27, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- BlackRidge Technology, the Identity Aware Network security company, today announces the external expansion of the company's Board of Directors. BlackRidge is pleased to introduce Richard J. Berman, Frank J. Fanzilli, Jr., and Robert J. Lentz, three highly respected business experts who will add their expertise and knowledge in guiding the vision and strategic leadership of the company. 

Building our Board
The BlackRidge Board of Directors will advise on corporate planning and strategic initiatives for advancing network security in governments, federal agencies and the global enterprise. With the addition of these members to the BlackRidge Board, an expanded focus on go to market acceleration and revenue growth will result.

Diversity of the Individuals
BlackRidge is adding three influential world-class leaders to its board currently composed of the company's CEO, Bob Graham and CTO, John Hayes. Mr. Graham was enthusiastic in introducing the board's additions: "We have met many people over the years but when the opportunity to increase the depth of the Board through the addition of Richard, Frank and Robert came about, we seized the opportunity. We believe that they will be influential in helping grow BlackRidge into a larger, more successful company."

The new external board members are:

Richard J. Berman
Mr. Berman has extensive background in serving on company boards as a director, across multiple public and private companies, which span many industries. He is actively involved with guiding several companies today. Noting that the BlackRidge solution is based upon far-reaching patented technology that has "global potential," Mr. Berman states that he is "greatly excited by the notion of real security being applied to the Internet" and he is "energized to help oversee its proliferation." The addition of Mr. Berman with his breadth of experience to the BlackRidge board will extend the vision and context for strategic planning by the team.

Frank J. Fanzilli, Jr.
Mr. Fanzilli's experience and strong record of managing and advising technology implementation will help to hone the overall strategy and bring an IT focused perspective and insight to ongoing operations and processes. "The deployment trend in information security and practice is fear-based," noted Mr. Fanzilli. "Working together with BlackRidge, government and enterprises can be confident in the security of their operations without compromising the resilience, scale and capability of their underlying IT environments."

Robert F. Lentz
Mr. Lentz is widely acknowledged and recognized as a cyber security expert. Mr. Lentz will provide added endorsement of the BlackRidge solution to an industry besieged with claims and conflicting security messages. "Often the simplest way, is the best way," explains Mr. Lentz.  "BlackRidge Technology's approach to security is straightforward and very effective; an approach very much needed given the complexity of solutions today."

These new external board appointments are for a 3-year term.

The new board members join existing BlackRidge Board Members Bob Graham, Chairman and CEO, and John Hayes, CTO.

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Founded in 2010, BlackRidge Technology embarked on the mission to transform networking through the use of Identity Aware technologies. BlackRidge is a provider of innovative Identity based cyber security solutions to public sector, defense and enterprise customers. BlackRidge is a privately funded company.

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