blinkx PLC Announces Results For The Year Ended 31 March 2013

Revenue up 73% year-on-year to $198m, adjusted* EBITDA more than doubled to $30m

May 13, 2013, 02:00 ET from blinkx plc

LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, May 13, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --


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blinkx PLC (BLNX.L), the Internet Media platform powered by CORE, today reported financial results for the year ended 31 March 2013.

Financial Highlights

                                         Year ended  Year ended
                                           31 March    31 March
                                               2013        2012
                                        (unaudited)   (audited)         %
                                               $000        $000    Change

    Revenue                                 197,957     114,397       73%
    Profit before taxation - adjusted*       24,619      10,732      129%
    Profit before taxation                   16,722       1,926      768%
    Adjusted* EBITDA                         30,187      14,288      111%
    Cash                                     55,861      38,406       45%

    Earnings per share                        Cents       Cents
    Basic - adjusted*                          6.98        3.60
    Basic                                      4.80        1.10
    Diluted - adjusted*                        6.84        3.52
    Diluted                                    4.70        1.08

Business Highlights

  • Revenue increased by 73% to $198.0 million, from $114.4 million in FY2012
  • Adjusted* EBITDA increased by 111% to $30.2 million, from $14.3 million in FY2012
  • Adjusted* profit before tax of $24.6 million, an increase from $10.7 million in FY2012
  • Basic earnings per share of 4.8 cents, a 336% increase from 1.1 cents in FY2012
  • Net cash at year-end was $55.9 million, an increase from $38.4 million in FY2012
  • Secured content and syndication partnerships, including Daily Motion, Kiplinger, Fox Sports, Sony and Popbox
  • Added marquee brand advertisers, including Clorox, Kellogg, Nike, Disney, Gap, Siemens and Mattel
  • Launched next generation of flagship video search and discovery engine,, optimized for mobile environments and integrated with social media platforms
  • Achieved the front end integration of FY2012 acquisitions well ahead of schedule
  • Completed the successful transition of the CEO and CFO roles
  • Expanded the leadership team with key Marketing, Product and Technology executives

Commenting on the results, S. Brian Mukherjee, CEO of blinkx, said: "This has been an exciting year for blinkx and we are delighted to report a record performance. The business demonstrated strong underlying growth, stability and efficiency, which was accelerated by the ahead-of-schedule integration of the acquisitions that we made last year.  The scale, scope and reach of these acquisitions enabled us to serve a greater number of advertisements to a wider audience at robust monetization rates, which helped drive our growth.

Several structural trends are fueling the growth of the online advertising industry in general, and the video advertising sector in particular.  These include widespread broadband adoption, the proliferation of connected devices and the rapid migration and consumption of video content online - all of which are prompting advertisers to follow audiences online.  This year, the industry also benefited from the increase in advertising spend attributed to two high-profile events - the summer Olympics and the US political campaigns in a Presidential election cycle.  We believe the market momentum underscores the vitality of the sector and of our business model. The opportunity for blinkx lies in maximizing yield through product innovation, expansion of its distribution channels and the capture of new and emerging revenue streams. Based on our capabilities and the fundamentals of the industry, we remain confident in our prospects and opportunities."

Non-GAAP Measures

  • This press release contains references to adjusted* EBITDA.  This financial measure is not a measure that has any standardized meaning prescribed by IFRS and is therefore referred to as a non-GAAP measure. The non-GAAP measures used by blinkx may not be comparable to similar measures used by other companies.
  • Adjusted* EBITDA is defined as Profit for the year attributable to equity holders of the parent before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, stock based compensation expense, and acquisition and exceptional costs. Management believes that this measure is a useful supplemental metric as it provides an indication of the results generated by the Company's principal business activities prior to consideration of how the results are impacted by one time exceptional charges, how the results are taxed in various jurisdictions, or how the results are affected by the accounting standards associated with the Group's stock based compensation plan.


These results underscore the success of the Company's core strategic focus, which has been to create a significant, scalable and growing ecosystem of audience, content providers, advertising networks and advertisers, which is becoming video enabled.  The acquisitions we made in FY2012 enabled us to develop an expanded set of opportunities to syndicate content and increase our audience reach for advertisers.  Our forward strategy and growth are based on further monetizing this opportunity, while also expanding the ecosystem to include rapidly proliferating form factors, such as tablets and smartphones.

During the period, the company was proud to unveil the next generation of its flagship video search and discovery technology at  With an eye to the growing mobile market, the new site was built from the ground up for use on connected devices, with a simple, elegant user interface that is touch optimized for continuous video discovery and streaming, and offers easy personalization tools and integration with social networks. The upgraded search and discovery functionality is currently being rolled out to our syndication partners and affiliates.

Over the year, we have continued to build on our leadership position in the online video market. We progressed our cross-platform distribution strategy by mobile-enabling our syndication partners and securing Connected TV partnerships with Sony and Popbox.  We also expanded our index of premium content through agreements with Kiplinger, Daily Motion and XOS Sports, among others.  This combination of top tier professional content, broad distribution and our patented video search, discovery and advertising platform and products, helped us attract new and repeat marquee brand advertisers, such as Disney, Gap and Siemens.


There are four structural trends driving the growth of the online video sector in which blinkx operates.

First, broadband and high-speed mobile networks are becoming increasingly prevalent.  Reliable, high speed connectivity means that an ever growing volume of rich media is being consumed online, with estimates predicting that by 2016, 1.2 million minutes of video will traverse the Internet every second.

Second, there is an ongoing move to video-enable the Text Web. Websites from a decade ago resembled a static page from a magazine. Today, consumers expect rich media to be part of their online experience, and destination sites position video content prominently to enhance and complement their text content - whether a cooking blog that offers video on how to prepare ingredients, or a professional news outlet with video footage of breaking news stories.

Third, the proliferation of smartphones and tablets is accelerating access to high-speed mobile networks and enabling consumers to watch video content anytime, anywhere.  According to Cisco, video consumption accounted for 51% of overall Internet traffic in 2012, and is expected to grow to 55% by 2016.

Finally, advertisers have increased budgets to address the growing online video audience - 1.3 billion viewers worldwide in 2012, according to comScore. Online video presents a powerful opportunity for advertisers because it combines the emotive, storytelling, brand-building power of TV with the measurability and targeting power of the Internet. blinkx's patented CORE technology remains unique in being able to analyse video on the Web and place contextually relevant advertisements, resulting in highly targeted and effective marketing campaigns for advertisers.

While online video advertising spend is still only a fraction of conventional TV spend, the trends are clear and compelling - major brands are embracing the format and spend is graduating from experimental to incremental budgets.  We believe that online video budgets will begin to complement and even cannibalize TV spend in the future.

blinkx is well positioned to capitalize on the market opportunity. In the last financial year, the combination of the underlying structural growth in our markets, coupled with the accelerating contribution from successfully integrated prior year acquisitions, plus one-off benefits from the Olympics and US Presidential elections - which we estimate at around a tenth of our FY2013 revenue, enhanced the growth of the company. Industry reports indicate the market outlook remains fundamentally positive in the coming year, based on observed trends in both consumer and advertiser behaviour.  Within this sector, blinkx has a number of well-defined revenue opportunities, covering the gamut of product innovation and expanded distribution. We expect to exceed projected industry growth rates, given the scale, scope and reach of our operations. 


Since inception, blinkx has spent almost $60 million in capital investment on research, development and infrastructure to build and enhance blinkx CORE, (COncept Recognition Engine) its patented video engine. blinkx CORE solves the challenges inherent in processing, managing and monetizing all forms of rich media.  It comprises speech recognition, visual and text analysis to enable blinkx to understand video at a greater level of depth and accuracy than any other offering on the market. This deep, granular understanding of rich media enables blinkx to process, monetize and deliver video and audio content in unique ways, and to capitalize on the true potential of video in the four screen world of PCs, Tablets, Smartphones and Connected TV.

blinkx's advertising platform, AdHoc, is built on CORE. AdHoc is unique because it leverages CORE's patented speech recognition, visual analysis and concept recognition technology to match emotive, compelling rich media advertisements to online audiences, resulting in more effective brand marketing for advertisers and, most importantly, an engaging experience for consumers.  In FY2013, AdHoc enabled us to attract new and repeat marquee brand advertisers, including Clorox, Kellogg, Nike, Mattel and P&G., our flagship consumer site, also leverages CORE technology to provide video search and discovery technology to users. During the period, we launched the next generation, which showcases our upgraded video search, discovery and viewing experience, with recommendation and personalization features that can be easily integrated across a users' social graph. The new site was built using responsive design, with an interface that is touch-optimized for effortless navigation on smartphone and tablet devices, resulting in a significant increase in mobile usage. The upgraded search and discovery functionality is currently being rolled out to our syndication and affiliate partners. blinkx CORE also powers video search and discovery for some of the Internet's largest properties, including AOL and Ask.


The vast majority of our revenue is generated from advertising that is sold both directly and sourced from third parties.  Through organic growth, selective acquisitions and unique technological capabilities, we have created a growing ecosystem of audience, content providers, and advertisers that we continue to video-enable.

The successful integration of the acquisitions has brought us access to vast networks of text-oriented sites and the potential to deliver video content and advertising to over 3,000 new web publishers, syndication partners and affiliates.  In addition to massive scale, with access to billions of potential advertising interactions annually, the integrations have significantly broadened the scope of advertising products we are able to offer our customers, and boosted our reach to tens of millions of unique users per month.

Today, however, we monetize only a fraction of the total ad interactions that we now have access to as a result of the acquisitions. This represents a captive, organic growth opportunity for the company. We see the exploitation of the un-monetized interactions, through a growing stable of content and advertising, as a tangible commercial opportunity.


As previously, Subhransu ("Brian") Mukherjee, who was the COO of blinkx, was appointed CEO and elected to the Board of Directors as an Executive Member.  Suranga Chandratillake, the Founder and CEO of the Company, assumed the role of President and Chief Strategy Officer and continues to serve as an Executive Member on its Board. Jonathan Spira, former CFO, stepped down as of 30 November, 2012.  Edward Reginelli, formerly Senior Vice President and Group Controller at blinkx, succeeded Mr. Spira as CFO.  As demonstrated by the performance of the company, the transition within the executive management team has been completed smoothly.

During a period of transition and growth, the Company has made significant investment in management bandwidth and expertise in Technology, Product and Marketing by bringing on board three seasoned executives who will play important roles in building the business and growing the company though existing initiatives and new market opportunities.

Dan Slivjanovski joined as Senior Vice President, Marketing, bringing over 15 years of executive experience in digital marketing, management consulting and integrated agency services to his new role.  Technology veteran Gerry Louw was hired as Senior Vice President, Engineering and Operations. Mr. Louw has driven enterprise-level change and innovation across a wide spectrum of businesses, including Video Monitoring Services (VMS) and Most recently, we announced the appointment of Trent Wheeler, a product expert, from Rovi Corporation as Senior Vice President, Product.

Financial Highlights

For the financial year ended 31 March 2013 (FY2013), revenue totaled $198.0 million, an increase of 73% over the $114.4 million in revenue reported for the year ended 31 March 2012 (FY2012). Revenue benefited from strong underlying growth, which was accelerated by the ahead-of-schedule integration of the acquisitions and two high-profile events during the year, namely the summer Olympics and the US presidential election cycle.  Over 95% of blinkx's revenue is generated from online advertising. Technology and services related to managing digital assets and advertising spend make up the remainder of the revenue stream.  The Company's advertising products broadly fall into two categories: Premium and Conventional. Premium includes high value, ad units such as video, rich media, social, text and mobile, which are directly sold or sourced from third parties, such as advertising trading platforms.  Conventional revenues are generated from high volume ad units - generally banner ads.   Our goal is to monetize the un-monetized interactions available to us, and convert conventional revenues to premium revenues through video enabling our syndicate partners and affiliates.

Profit from operations before acquisition and exceptional cost was $24.6 million for FY2013, an increase of 135% over $10.4 million for FY2012.  The operating profit margin improvement resulted from the benefit of operational gearing, as the profit from additional revenue growth has outpaced cost and expense trends.

Adjusted net profit before acquisition costs, exceptional and integration costs, amortisation of purchased intangibles and other income for FY2013 was $25.2 million (FY2012: $12.7 million). Net profit for FY2013 was $17.4 million (FY2012: $3.9 million).

Adjusted basic earnings per share for FY2013 was 6.98 cents (FY2012: 3.60 cents), 4.80 cents basic earnings per share (FY2012: 1.10 cents), 6.84 cents adjusted fully diluted (FY2012: 3.52 cents) and 4.70 cents fully diluted (FY2012: 1.08 cents).

blinkx's cash balance at 31 March 2013 was $55.9 million (31 March 2012: $38.4 million) benefiting from strong cash conversion efforts.



Results for the year to 31 March 2013

(in thousands, except per share amounts)

                                                              ended        Year ended
                                                              31 March     31 March
                                                              2013         2012
                                                       Note      $'000             $'000

    Revenue: continuing operations                             197,957           114,397

                      Cost of revenue                    9     (97,006)          (46,604)
                      Research and development                 (15,050)          (10,526)
                      Sales and marketing                9     (51,112)          (39,774)
                      Administrative expenses                  (10,208)           (7,047)
    Total cost and expenses                                   (173,376)         (103,951)

    Profit from operations before acquisition
    and exceptional costs*                                      24,581            10,446
    Amortisation of purchased intangibles
                      Research and development                  (1,629)           (1,708)
                      Sales and marketing                       (3,749)           (2,353)
                                                                (5,378)           (4,061)
    Acquisition and exceptional costs                    7      (3,276)           (4,745)
    Profit from operations                                      15,927             1,640
    Other income                                                   757                 -
    Net investment revenue                                          38               286
    Profit before taxation                                      16,722             1,926
    Tax                                                  3         634             1,962
    Profit for the year attributable to equity
    holders of the parent
    before acquisition and exceptional costs and
    other income*                                               25,253            12,694

    Profit for the year attributable to equity
    holders of the parent                                       17,356             3,888

                                                       Note      Cents             Cents

    Earnings per share
    Adjusted basic*                                      4        6.98              3.60
    Basic                                                4        4.80              1.10
    Adjusted diluted*                                    4        6.84              3.52
    Diluted                                              4        4.70              1.08

*Adjusted for acquisition and exceptional charges of $3.3m (2012:$4.7m), amortization of purchased intangibles of $5.4m (2012: $4.7m) and other income of $0.8m (2012: nil)

** Income statement includes reclassification of certain cost of revenue and sales and marketing expenses as detailed in note 9.



Results for the year to 31 March 2013

                                                                    Year   Year
                                                                   ended  ended
                                                                      31     31
                                                                   March  March
                                                                    2013   2012
                                                                   $'000  $'000

    Profit for the year                                           17,356  3,888
    Exchange difference on translation of foreign operations     (1,456)  (295)
    Total comprehensive income for the year, net of related
    tax effects                                                   15,900  3,593



As at 31 March 2013

(in thousands)

                                                Year ended  Year ended
                                                  31 March    31 March
                                                      2013        2012
                                         Note        $'000       $'000
    Non-current assets
    Goodwill                                        49,080      48,878
    Intangible assets                               24,678      29,651
    Property, plant and equipment                    2,103       2,275
    Other receivables                                  100         250
    Deferred tax asset                              10,983       7,076
                                                    86,944      88,130
    Current assets
    Trade receivables                               29,902      21,950
    Other receivables                                5,657       3,803
    Cash and cash equivalents                       55,861      38,406
                                                    91,420      64,159
    Total assets                                   178,364     152,289

    Current liabilities
    Trade and other payables                      (32,822)    (25,465)

    Non-current liabilities
    Deferred tax liability                               -     (1,732)
    Other payables                                   (551)       (474)
    Total liabilities                             (33,373)    (27,671)

    Net assets                                     144,991     124,618

    Shareholders' equity
    Share capital                          5         6,850       6,837
    Share premium account                          101,975     101,552
    Shares to be issued                    6           750         754
    Stock compensation reserve                      13,975      11,938
    Currency translation reserve                   (9,293)     (7,837)
    Merger reserve                                  33,089      33,089
    Retained loss                                  (2,355)    (21,715)
    Total equity                                   144,991     124,618



Results for the year to 31 March 2013

(in thousands)

                                                                Year ended  Year ended
                                                                  31 March    31 March
                                                                      2013        2013
                                                                     $'000       $'000

    Profit from operations                                          15,927       1,640
    Adjustments for:
    Depreciation and amortization                                    8,947       6,379
    Share based payments                                             2,037       1,524
    Non-cash acquisition and exceptional costs                       2,676           -
    Foreign exchange gain                                            (178)       (453)

    Operating cash flows before movements in working capital        29,409       9,090

    Changes in operating assets and liabilities:
    Increase in trade and other receivables                        (9,534)       (642)
    Increase in trade and other payables                             6,944         356
    Net cash generated by operations                                26,819       8,804

    Income taxes paid                                              (4,833)           -

    Net cash generated by operating activities                      21,986       8,804

    Interest received                                                   38         286
    Purchase of property, plant and equipment and intangibles      (3,989)     (5,950)
    Acquisitions, net of cash acquired                                 250    (33,406)
    Net cash used in investment activities                         (3,701)    (39,070)

    Net payments on finance lease                                    (171)       (148)
    Proceeds from issuance of shares                                   432      15,264
    Net cash generated in financing activities                         261      15,116

    Net increase / (decrease) in cash and cash equivalents          18,546    (15,150)

    Beginning cash and cash equivalents                             38,406      52,809
    Effect of foreign exchange on cash and cash equivalents        (1,091)         747
    Ending cash and cash equivalents                                55,861      38,406



Results for the year to 31 March 2013

 (in thousands)

                                                   Ordinary   Share Shares        Stock
                                                      share premium  to be compensation
                                                    capital account issued      reserve
                                              Note    $'000   $'000  $'000        $'000

    Balance as at 31 March 2011                       6,398  86,443      -        9,968
    Net profit for the year                               -       -      -            -
    Other comprehensive income                            -       -      -            -
    Total comprehensive income for the year               -       -      -            -
    Issue of shares, net of costs                       439  15,109      -            -
    Shares to be issued                                   -       -    754            -
    Share based payment - acquisition related             -       -      -          446
    Share based payments                       2          -       -      -        1,524
    Tax movement on share options                         -       -      -            -
    Balance as at 31 March 2012                       6,837 101,552    754       11,938
    Net profit for the year                               -       -      -            -
    Other comprehensive income                            -       -      -            -
    Total comprehensive income for the year               -       -      -            -
    Issue of shares, net of costs              5         13     423    (4)            -
    Share based payments                       2          -       -      -        2,037
    Tax movement on share options                         -       -      -            -
    Balance as at 31 March 2013                       6,850 101,975    750       13,975

(Table continues)

                                                   translation  Merger Retained
                                                       reserve reserve     loss   Total
                                              Note       $'000   $'000    $'000   $'000

    Balance as at 31 March 2011                        (7,542) (4,323) (25,530)  65,414
    Net profit for the year                                  -       -    3,888   3,888
    Other comprehensive income                           (295)       -        -   (295)
    Total comprehensive income for the year              (295)       -    3,888   3,593
    Issue of shares, net of costs                            -  37,412        -  52,960
    Shares to be issued                                      -       -        -     754
    Share based payment - acquisition related                -       -        -     446
    Share based payments                       2             -       -        -   1,524
    Tax movement on share options                            -       -     (73)    (73)
    Balance as at 31 March 2012                        (7,837)  33,089 (21,715) 124,618
    Net profit for the year                                  -       -   17,356  17,356
    Other comprehensive income                         (1,456)       -        - (1,456)
    Total comprehensive income for the year            (1,456)       -   17,356  15,900
    Issue of shares, net of costs              5             -       -        -     432
    Share based payments                       2             -       -        -   2,037
    Tax movement on share options                            -       -    2,004   2,004
    Balance as at 31 March 2013                        (9,293)  33,089  (2,355) 144,991




1. Basis of preparation

While the financial information included in this preliminary announcement has been prepared in accordance with the recognition and measurement criteria of International Accounting Reporting Standards (IFRSs), this announcement does not itself contain sufficient information to comply with IFRSs. The Company will publish full financial statements that comply with IFRSs.

The financial information set out in this unaudited announcement does not constitute the Company's statutory accounts for the year ended 31 March 2013 or 31 March 2012, within the meaning of Section 435 of the Companies Act 2006. The audit of the statutory accounts for the year ended 31 March 2013 is not yet complete. These accounts will be finalised on the basis of the financial information presented by the directors in this unaudited announcement and will be delivered to the Registrar of Companies following the Company's annual general meeting.

The financial information for the year ended 31 March 2012 is derived from the statutory accounts for that year which have been delivered to the Registrar of Companies. The Group's auditor issued a report on those financial statements that was unqualified and did not draw attention to any matters by way of emphasis and did not contain a statement under section 489 (2) or (3) of the Companies Act 2006.

The directors have considered the financial resources of the Group and the risks associated with doing business in the current economic environment and believe the Group is well placed to manage these risks successfully. In doing this the board has prepared a business plan and cash flow forecast setting out key business assumptions, including the rate of revenue growth, operating margins and cost control. The directors have considered these assumptions to be reasonable and that the Group has adequate resources to continue in operational existence for the foreseeable future being a period of no less than 12 months from the date of this announcement. Accordingly, they continue to adopt the going concern basis in preparing these financial statements.

2. Share-based payments

Included within cost and expenses are the following amounts in respect of share based payments:

                                            Year ended     Year ended
                                              31 March       31 March
                                                  2013           2012
                                           (unaudited)      (audited)
                                                 $'000          $'000

    Sales and marketing                          1,105            975
    Research and development                       668            315
    Administrative expenses                        264            234
                                                 2,037          1,524

3. Taxation

The tax credit of $0.6m (2012: $2.0m), includes recognition of a $3.5m credit to fully recognize the deferred tax asset in the US business and a $0.5m prior period adjustment.

4. Earnings per share

The calculation of the basic and diluted earnings per share is based on the following information.

                                                      Year ended   Year ended
                                                        31 March     31 March
                                                            2013         2012
                                                     (unaudited)    (audited)
                                                           $'000        $'000
    Profit used in calculation of basic and diluted
    earnings per share                                    17,356        3,888
    Profit used in calculation of adjusted basic
    earnings per share                                    25,253       12,694

                                                          shares       shares
    Number of shares
    Weighted average number of shares for the
    purpose of basic and adjusted* basic earnings
    per share                                        361,955,834  352,653,116

    Weighted average number of shares for the
    purpose of diluted and adjusted* diluted
    earnings per share                               369,116,636  360,300,309

*Adjusted for acquisition and exceptional costs of $3.3m (2012:$4.7m), amortization of purchased intangibles of $5.4m (2012: $4.1m) and benefit from other income of $0.8m (2012:$nil)

5. Share capital

The issuance of shares in the period relates to the issuance of 1,637 shares to the former shareholders of Burst Media Corporation and 804,071 shares on the exercise of employee share options.

6. Shares to be issued

The shares to be issued reserve relates to shares which are expected to be issued to former Burst shareholders, as part of the consideration, who have not yet submitted the paperwork to effect the exchange of Burst shares for blinkx shares.

7. Acquisition and exceptional costs

Acquisition and exceptional charges of $3.3 million (2012: $4.7m) have been separately identified on the face of the income statement. These charges included post acquisition remuneration, one time write down of a prepaid distribution charge, onerous facility cost, severance and professional services.  

8. Acquisition of subsidiaries

On 9 November 2011 the group acquired 100% of the issued share capital of Prime Visibility Media Group Inc., an online advertising network and digital advertising agency.

Fair values of purchased assets and liabilities:

                               Provisional   Adjustment to
                                 FV @ date            FV @       Final
                               of purchase      March 2013  Fair Value
                                 $ million       $ million   $ million

    Intangibles                       12.6               -        12.6
    Other assets                       5.7               -         5.7
    Deferred tax asset                 1.7           (0.2)         1.5
    Cash                               0.7               -         0.7
    Trade & other payables           (7.3)               -       (7.3)
    Total identifiable assets         13.4           (0.2)        13.2

    Goodwill                          21.4             0.2        21.6

    Total consideration               36.0 *             -        36.0 *

*The fair value of the $36.0 million consideration paid comprises cash paid of $31 million; deferred consideration provisionally determined of $3.8 million; and prepaid post acquisition remuneration of $1.2 million.

The $0.2 million adjustment to fair values relates to a deferred tax asset valuation adjustment.

The measurement period relating to the PVMG acquisition is now complete so no further purchase adjustments will be posted to the fair values.

9. Standardisation of expense classifications on integration

As part of the process of integrating those companies acquired in fiscal year 2012, the company has been aligning its accounting policies to ensure consistent expense classifications across the expanded Group. The accounting policies are included in full in the annual report, which does not form part of this preliminary announcement. Certain prior year marketing and advertising expenses totaling $7.3 million have been reclassified according to blinkx accounting policies from Cost of revenue to the Sales and Marketing line. This expense reclassification does not impact revenue, operating profits, basic earnings per share or diluted earnings per share as previously reported.

                                       Year ended                      Year ended
                                           31-Mar                          31-Mar
                                             2012                            2012
                         (As previously reported) Reclassification (reclassified)
                                            $'000            $'000          $'000

    Cost of revenue                      (53,904)            7,300       (46,604)
    Sales and marketing                  (32,474)          (7,300)       (39,774)

10. Related party transactions

For the purposes of IAS 24 Related Party Disclosures, the directors are considered to be the Group's key management personnel. Their remuneration is detailed below. There were no other related party transactions in either the current year or prior year.

Remuneration of the Directors was as follows:

                                           Year ended   Year ended
                                             31 March     31 March
                                                 2013         2012
                                          (unaudited)    (audited)
                                                $'000        $'000

    Anthony Bettencourt                            57           55
    Suranga Chandratillake                        411          397
    Michael Lynch                                  57           55
    Subhransu ("Brian") Mukherjee                 555          n/a
    Mark Opzoomer                                  57           55
                                                1,137          562

The non-executive directors fees are £50,000 per annum as of 1 March 2013 (2012: £35,000).  The increase shown in the above table of the dollar equivalent is a result of exchange rates.

Details of share options granted to the Directors are set out below. No Directors' share options were cancelled or lapsed, or changed, during the fiscal year.  Vesting and exercise of options is subject to continued employment.

                                  At 31 March                     At 31 March
                                         2012   Granted Exercised        2013
                                       Number    Number    Number      Number

    Suranga Chandratillake          4,476,057   350,000         -   4,826,057
    Michael Lynch                      35,248         -  (35,248)           -
    Subhransu ("Brian") Mukherjee      80,000 2,500,000         -   2,580,000

The total gain on exercise of share options by Directors was $13,362 (2012:  $851,045). None of the directors has pension, retirement or similar entitlement. No payment or awards were made to former Directors during the year.

It is not anticipated that there will be any significant changes to the Directors' remuneration in the current year.

For further information please contact:

    Analyst and Investor Contact
    Ryan Klinefelter
    blinkx plc
    (US) +1-415-655-1450

    Financial Media Contacts
    Edward Bridges/Charles Palmer
    FTI Consulting
    (UK) +44-(0)20-7831-3113

    NOMAD and Broker for blinkx plc
    Charles Lytle/Christopher Wren
    Citigroup Global Markets Ltd
    (UK) +44-(0)20-7986-9756


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