Releases Results of Dynamic Logic Study Revealing How, When & Where People Consume Web Series

-Findings Conclude Web Series Audiences are Watching Less Television Compared with Six Months Ago, Prime-time is King For Original Series, and Pre-rolls are the Audience-Preferred Form of Digital Advertising After Banner Ads -

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NEW YORK, Oct. 10, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Web series network, one of the Internet's largest independently owned and operated video properties, today announced the results of a new study focusing on original web video. commissioned the study with Dynamic Logic, the world leader in digital insights, to offer valuable data and key insights into how, when and where audiences are watching online video. The study also shines a light on viewers' attitudes towards online advertising, key information helpful to marketers as they seek to reach and engage broad audiences beyond traditional television. This is the largest research initiative to date focusing on original web video.

Digital Video on the Rise, TV Viewership Shrinking

According to Dynamic Logic, viewers are watching more online video and less television compared to six months ago. While they aren't cutting the cord entirely, they are cord shaving: watching nearly 9% less cable television, while increasing their viewing of content on a PC by 26%.  Viewers also report spending 19% more time watching video content on a mobile device than six months ago and 18% more time viewing video on game consoles.

Indicating the evolution of web series as a primary form of entertainment, findings show that viewers of original series watch content most often during prime-time hours, 8-11pm.  The second most common time for people to watch web series is 6-8pm.

Advertising More Accepted in Original Web Series

When asked about their online advertising preferences, 35% of viewers chose banner ads as the preferred form of advertising, followed by pre-rolls coming in second at 15%. Of note, viewers of original web series responded more positively to advertising than viewers of television content online. The research showed that 43% of's audiences had a positive reaction to advertising in front of original web series content. However, when asked the same question about advertisements in front of television content streamed online, users were less receptive, with only 30% reacting positively.

"We commissioned this study, the largest research project to date on viewers of original series, to gain a deeper understanding of how and when people are engaging with online content," said Dina Kaplan, co-founder of "It's clear from the research that web series fans are beginning to watch less television, while at the same time increasing the amount of content consumed on the web. It's also significant that our viewers are more accepting of advertisements on web series, perhaps because fans are grateful to the advertiser for making the show possible. That's a very different mindset, for a viewer, than seeing an ad on a show that was originally created for television."


Counter to conventional wisdom of the age of people consuming large amounts of video online, the Dynamic Logic study shows the average viewer of a web series is 33 years old, college educated (60%) and almost evenly divided between men (51%) and women (49%).

"As the sophistication and availability of online and mobile video increases, consumers will pursue the content they want, regardless of the medium," said Lindsay Leon-Atkins, director of custom solutions for Dynamic Logic.  "In this study, we found that digital video is now a factor during prime-time hours; this audience should not be ignored by marketers."

About this Study

Research was conducted via a survey among 1,500 viewers. Dynamic Logic's AdRadar™ technology identified online panelists who viewed videos in the past month.

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