Blockbuster Hospital Consolidation Deals Across The Nation Alter Market Dynamics As Healthcare Reform Unfolds

New Executive Briefing from HealthLeaders-InterStudy Unveils New Hospital Consolidation Continuum, Pinpoints How Different Markets are Impacted

Nov 18, 2013, 10:34 ET from HealthLeaders-InterStudy

NASHVILLE, Tenn., Nov. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- HealthLeaders-InterStudy, the leading provider of managed care market intelligence, finds that health systems nationwide are expanding their networks and amassing market share. Hospital consolidation is happening among non-profit systems as well as for-profits, and takes shape in many different ways—partnerships, mergers, affiliations and alliances. HealthLeaders-InterStudy's new Hospital Consolidation Continuum places markets across the nation in different stages of consolidation, from "Early" to "Mid" and finally  "Mature."

HealthLeaders-InterStudy walks through the different stages of its Hospital Consolidation Continuum in the company's newest Executive Briefing, entitled "Navigating hospital consolidation as healthcare reform unfolds: Success depends on unlocking market dynamics."  The Briefing describes how 5 different markets—Cleveland, Tampa, Seattle, Phoenix and Hartford—fit into the continuum, offers clarity around the consolidation landscape in each market and scopes out recent developments and likely future events. It also pulls out key questions for 2014, as well as specific challenges and opportunities for pharmaceutical companies.

"The Hospital Consolidation Continuum helps simplify an increasingly complex situation, since every market across the country has a unique dynamic that requires a thorough understanding of its specific intricacies," explains AnnJeanette Colwell, Market Analyst for HealthLeaders-InterStudy. "We examine markets that are on opposite ends of the spectrum—from a market like Hartford that is just beginning to see consolidation to a market like Cleveland that is almost completely consolidated. This complexity makes it necessary for pharmaceutical companies to create market-by-market strategies."

HealthLeaders-InterStudy is offering an open webinar based on the newly released Executive Briefing, which will discuss how nation-wide hospital consolidation is altering market dynamics. This webinar will take place December 12th, 2013 at 2 pm Eastern and is open to media and Pharmaceutical executives. Register for the webinar here .

"The Seattle market has seen unprecedented consolidation between Catholic and secular health systems in the last year, which is quickly and exponentially increasing the clout of a few key decision-making executives within the newly merged health systems," adds Sarah Wilson, Market Analyst at HealthLeaders-InterStudy. "As markets move along the Hospital Consolidation Continuum, pharmaceutical companies will need to incorporate each market's dynamics into their targeting strategies."

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