Blue Global Media Provides Insight Into Consumer Loan Website

Dec 13, 2010, 06:00 ET from Blue Global Media

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Dec. 13, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Blue Global Media, a fast-expanding customer acquisition company, recently revealed greater insight into the operations of, a website providing small-dollar loans to qualified consumers.

Offering small loans of $1,000 or less, refers to the extended repayment time periods available to consumers. While most small-dollar loans are restricted to short time periods, such as 14 days, allows borrowers 100 days or more to repay their loans.

This time frame is made possible by optional loan preferences, including loan rollovers, which provide consumers with more time to repay loans. While these options ultimately aid the consumer, apprehension regarding their legitimacy initially raised concerns of a 100 Day Loans scam.

According to Chris Kay, founder and CEO/CMO of Blue Global Media, fills an important role in today's consumer lending landscape. He says the flexible payment options reflect the desire of lenders to keep successful relationships with their customers. Rather than being "too good to be true," or a 100 Day Loans scam, the site merely provides a practical way for consumers to borrow money for longer periods of time, said Kay.    

"For lenders, it's beneficial to keep their relations with customers in good standing," said Kay. "Lenders are willing to extend loan periods for customers that consistently make payments. The power is ultimately in the consumers' hands -- we're simply pointing them in the right direction."

Kay notes that the widespread idea of a fraudulent small loan or 100 Day Loans scam is a result of misinformation in subprime lending. Kay, who has experience as a direct lender, says that the small loan business is much like the collections industry: if consumers are maintaining their accounts, lenders are willing to offer better repayment options.

"The way small-dollar loans operate is changing," said Kay. "A longer-term small loan shouldn't invoke alarm or concern of a 100 Day Loans scam -- we are merely highlighting the options available to consumers. We are telling borrowers: you are not limited to a two-week loan."

Kay also explained that although offers greater borrowing flexibility, such small-dollar loans should only be used as necessary, and not as long-term financial solutions.  

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