Blue Marble Energy and Sweet Anthem Perfumery Launch Carbon Neutral Fragrance

Jan 04, 2010, 08:00 ET from Blue Marble Energy

SEATTLE, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- One of the world's first carbon neutral fragrance lines was officially launched this week by Blue Marble Energy, in collaboration with local couture perfumery Sweet Anthem.

Named for the Greek goddess of the dawn, the EOS fragrance line contains only biochemical and organic materials. The line's two unique scents feature a special selection of Blue Marble Energy's carbon neutral bioester top notes, carefully blended with Sweet Anthem's custom fragrance heart and low notes. The feminine version of EOS is a modern, bright, floral, tea-based scent, while the masculine/unisex version is characterized by citrus and cognac, with hints of powdery apricot.

The EOS fragrance line demonstrates the immediate, high value application of Blue Marble Energy's biochemicals, which act as direct replacements to petrochemicals already in the market. Conventionally, perfumes and colognes contain odorants and musks that are synthesized from petrochemicals. 95% of the chemicals used in fragrances come from petroleum. A bottle of Eau de Toilette typically contains 5-15% fragrance and 95-85% petroleum-derived solvent.

"The potential outlets for our biochemicals are vast," says BME's Chief Science Officer, James Stephens. "Fragrance is just one of many examples in which carbon neutral, renewable biochemicals can directly replace polluting petrochemicals in high value products."

To make these bioesters, BME scientists utilize cellulosic biomass - in this case, certified organic spent brewery grain - reclaiming the useful material through BME's patented AGATE conversion platform. The results of this process are refined to produce bioester fragrances that are ready for blending.

"We are excited to continue developing our relationship with Blue Marble Energy to replace mass-produced, petroleum-based fragrance oils with local, carbon neutral, and petroleum-free bioesters," says Sweet Anthem perfumer, Meredith Tucker.

The EOS fragrance line will be offered in a limited run. While supplies last, EOS can be purchased exclusively at

About Blue Marble Energy

Blue Marble Energy utilizes hybridized bacterial consortia to produce specialty biochemicals and renewable natural gas. The company's mission is to displace petrochemicals with drop-in replacements that are carbon neutral and fully sustainable. For more information, visit: or email

About Sweet Anthem

At Sweet Anthem, Perfumer Meredith Tucker combines green and local living principles to produce intriguing, unique, and modern vegan-friendly perfumes. Sweet Anthem supports the local economy by only sourcing materials from Washington State, buying local dry supplies whenever possible, and caring for the animal kingdom by creating 100% vegan products. For more information, visit

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