BlueSky ETO Launches Simply Written™, A New E-Commerce site that Uses Patented Technology to provide Digitized Handwriting Services Exclusively for Business

Digital Handwriting Service Helps Businesses Rise Above Electronic Clutter with Personalized Approach to Add Value to Customer Relationships

Nov 10, 2015, 10:00 ET from BlueSky ETO

PITTSBURGH, Nov. 10, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Pittsburgh-based BlueSky ETO today announced the launch of Simply Written (, a new business-to-business e-commerce website that uses patented technology to provide digitized handwritten notes to enhance customer relationships. Created through a partnership between BlueSky ETO and Gracious Eloise, the patented handwriting technology mimics the natural variations of handwriting and transforms it into a digital format, which is then printed as a visually appealing note. Simply Written offers digitized notes, templates, and content to support many industries, including hospitality, retail, financial services, and real estate, enabling them to quickly and easily send printed notes to thank customers, extend offers, or share information about a new product or service.

"Digitally, we're connected with the world around us in ways we've never dreamed possible," says Luke Teboul, vice president, BlueSky ETO.  "At the same time, most of us are inundated with emails we can't get to, text messages we have to 'deal with later,' and social media platforms typically reserved for leisure time.

Email is easy to ignore, and text messages can be poorly timed and highly intrusive. Taking time to handwrite a note to a customer is hard to ignore, and it can make a lasting and meaningful impression that could mean the difference between earning customer loyalty – or not," Teboul says.

What sets Simply Written apart is its focus on the business customer, as well as its production scalability, which is built to support major global brands. In addition, Simply Written uses state-of-the-art printing equipment, extensively developed to quickly create printed notes that look handwritten. Customers can select customized stationery along with a handwriting style from the site's extensive online handwriting style library. Simply Written also handles the printing, inserting/sealing, stamping, and mailing.

Personally handwriting any type of note can be a time-consuming process, which takes planning and effort. Simply Written offers a solution for businesses that want to enhance customer relationships by using an efficient, advanced process that takes minutes to create the look and feel of an actual handwritten note.

"Digital communication has made human interaction far less personal and more static as people have become accustomed to sending emails and text messages instead of personal, handwritten notes to friends, family members, and business partners," says Eloise Bune, founder and CEO of Gracious Eloise. "Handwriting always has been the purest form of self-expression, and now we can bring the lost art of handwriting back to life by re-imagining personalization in today's digital world."

Pittsburgh-based BlueSky ETO ( develops sophisticated web-based marketing solutions that provide streamlined tools to help marketing professionals customize and order marketing materials while maintaining brand integrity across channels. BlueSky ETO supports global corporations with their local marketing delivery—consistently and seamlessly, wherever it needs to be.

Headquartered in New York, Gracious Eloise is a personalization technology company that brings affordable and scalable digital handwriting to the masses through their Application Program Interface (API), Gracious Eloise has been granted two digital handwriting technology patents. 

Luke Teboul, Vice President
BlueSky ETO