BluStor™ to Begin Shipping its CyberGate™ Secure Mobile Briefcase (SMB) Next Month

Cyber security platform the first of its kind to secure individuals' ID and data with multiple biometrics in one smart card solution

Feb 09, 2016, 08:40 ET from BluStor

CHICAGO, Feb. 9, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BluStor, a leader in harnessing multi-factor biometric authentication, authorization and data security tools into a smart card-sized solution, has announced that it will begin shipping in March its CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase (SMB). In an increasingly mobile world, the CyberGate solution sets itself apart by returning control of digital identity, privacy and data access to its rightful owner.

It's no secret that mobile security devices and cloud-based solutions have failed in keeping pace with the dizzying growth of technology. One only has to recall recent cyber attacks, such as the 2015 BlueCross BlueShield breach, which exposed 11.2 million subscribers; or the U.S. Office of Personnel Management breach, which resulted in the theft of nearly 6 million fingerprints. It's time for individuals to regain control of their own ID and data.

Enter BluStor and its legendary founder: hardware visionary, Finis Conner. Yes, that Finis Conner – the one who founded Seagate in 1979 and created the first 5.25-inch hard drive used in the Macintosh. Conner later started his eponymously named company, Conner Peripherals, and went on to develop the 3.5-inch drive for PCs.

Fast-forward to present day and Conner has done it again: crafting a solution to satisfy today's computing and security needs. This time, with the CyberGate SMB, Conner and his team have built a platform that can answer the two questions necessary in virtually every digital transaction in the mobile world: "Are you who you say you are?" and "Are you authorized to do what you are requesting?"

"Usernames, passwords, pins or a single fingerprint captured by a smartphone or tablet have proven inadequate to protect an individual's ID or their data," says Conner. "In fact, sufficiently securing mobile devices, cloud-based solutions or the growing number of products being developed within the Internet of Things [IoT] industry is virtually impossible. However, returning control of ID and authentication to the user is the answer."

"The real solution involves securing the identity of the individual using those platforms with multiple biometrics rather than trying to secure every device or the billions of potential endpoints in our connected world," adds Conner.

The BluStor CyberGate platform is a patented, fully functional computer equipped with tremendous power in the form of a 32-bit ARM processor; 8GB of storage capacity; a multitude of standard interfaces such as Bluetooth/Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC and USB; government-level encryption; and a rechargeable battery with a two-year life.

Fittingly, all of this computing power, storage, cross compatibility, encryption and battery life have been integrated into the familiar and handy form factor of a credit/smart card that easily slides into a wallet or purse and never needs to be removed for use.

The BluStor CyberGate Secure Mobile Briefcase (SMB) will begin shipping next month, with a special introductory discount price of $179.95 being offered for the first 1,000 units sold. All 1,000 units will include BluStor firmware, BluStor GateKeeper SMB application, and a Software Development Kit (SDK) with free downloadable application upgrades for 12 months. Visit BluStor to place your order.

About BluStor
BluStor CyberGate SMB is the only cyber security solution you need in the digital and mobile world.

Designed for government, enterprise, healthcare, medical and financial services markets, the CyberGate SMB platform is the first – and only – solution to address the full array of digital security: device, user and data. For more information, visit, telephone 312-840-8250, or email

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