BME Announces a Strategic Partnership with CellRight Technologies with the Launch of the Matrix OI® 100% Human Osteoinductive BMP Scaffold

Mar 18, 2014, 06:00 ET from BME, Inc.

SAN ANTONIO, March 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- BME, Inc. (BioMedical Enterprises, Inc.,, the leader and innovator of Nitinol shape memory bone fixation systems, announces the initiation of a strategic partnership with CellRight Technologies, Inc., also located in San Antonio, Texas.  The partnership began with BME's launch of the NEW Matrix OI® 100% human osteoinductive BMP scaffold at the 2014 ACFAS and 2014 AAOS meetings. 

Unlike other compressible and pliable allograft products, Matrix OI® provides the surgeon, hospital and patient with a verified osteoinductive construct after sterilization.  The osteoinductivity is confirmed by testing for five elements of osteoinductivity: chondrocytes, osteoblasts, bone marrow, cartilage and new bone using the proven and FDA recognized in-vivo Athymic Rat Model. 

With Press Fit Technology™ and its capability to compress and flex, Matrix OI permits simple insertion and then anchors into irregularly shaped gaps and voids, mitigating the risk of migration.  Its Stem Cell Containment™ allows for up to 60% absorption of the grafts volume. 

"We are excited about our strategic partnership with CellRight Technologies," said President and CEO of BME, Keith Peeples.  "As a corporate partner, CellRight offers BME the expertise in orthobiologics that will position both companies for innovative product development and aggressive market penetration.  Matrix OI is a whole new category of allograft tissue by confirming osteoinductivity after sterilization.  Its design characteristics behave like a shape memory implant which fits nicely into our product portfolio."

Jesus Hernandez, President and CEO of CellRight Technologies, Inc. added, "We are equally excited about our strategic alliance with BME.  This partnership is consistent with our long term goals of providing CellRight Technologies' innovative osteoinductive grafting products to surgeons and their patients who suffer from debilitating defects caused by trauma and disease."

About BME, Inc.

BME, Inc. is the only U.S. manufacturer of Nitinol metal implants for musculoskeletal fixation.  BME has led the innovation and advancement of Nitinol implants and patented disposable instrumentation in the U.S. market.  BME continues to develop new standards for manufacturing processes while defining new parameters for product development with emphasis on education of our surgeon communities on the benefits of BME shape memory technologies.