BMEYE and PULSION Sign Licensing Agreement

Dec 02, 2010, 09:00 ET from BMEYE B.V.

AMSTERDAM, December 2, 2010 /PRNewswire/ --

- BMEYE's Breakthrough Totally Noninvasive Blood Pressure and Cardiac Output Technology Will be Incorporated Into PULSION's Next Generation Patient Monitors

BMEYE B.V., the innovators of a totally noninvasive combined beat-to-beat blood pressure and cardiac output monitoring system, and PULSION Medical Systems AG, a leading specialist in minimally invasive critical care and cardiovascular patient monitoring, have reached agreement on a worldwide, non-exclusive license which allows BMEYE's technology to be integrated into PULSION's next generation hemodynamic patient monitoring solution. BMEYE will develop a custom made OEM module for PULSION Medical Systems AG.

The BMEYE technology offers one of the most advanced cardiovascular monitoring capabilities available today. It utilizes a finger cuff to capture and continuously measure beat-to-beat blood pressure and cardiac output totally noninvasively. This detailed data allows clinicians to predict and proactively address the early signs of hemodynamic instability during critical situations rather than reacting on late indicators and effects.

PULSION's PiCCO - Technology permits comprehensive and low-risk monitoring of cardiovascular function in critically ill patients in the intensive-care environment. PiCCO has become the leading hemodynamic monitor in ICUs in Europe, where the high-risk right-heart catheter method is being increasingly put under pressure. PiCCO monitoring provides a wide-range of information to the physician including precise calibrated real-time cardiac output, volume variables and parameters for lung oedema diagnostics to effectively perform early goal directed therapies.

"Part of the BMEYE strategy is to develop the OEM channel in hemodynamic and patient monitoring and to make our technology broadly available for integrated solutions besides our standalone sales channel," stated Rob de Ree, CEO of BMEYE." As such PULSION is a very valuable partner as a European leader in the intensive care field."

PULSION's CEO, Patricio Lacalle stated "The integration of BMEYE's noninvasive technology is another important step in building a consistent product portfolio to help patients in a broad range of different acute situations with increased risk or impaired function of the cardiovascular system. We are able to provide a flexible solution for hospitals by covering non-invasive and minimally invasive hemodynamic monitoring, as well as the sophisticated and highly precise PiCCO monitoring technology."


BMEYE, a Dutch company based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, develops innovative medical devices with broad application in clinical settings that require cardiovascular monitoring. Specifically, BMEYE produces patient monitors that noninvasively measure continuous blood pressure and cardiac output. BMEYE's mission: BMEYE is the premier provider and will set the standard of noninvasive, beat-to-beat, user-friendly cardiovascular monitoring systems, to improve patient care and reduce healthcare costs.