bmiSMART Launches USA Weight Wellness Products & Campaign

Jan 12, 2016, 15:23 ET from bmiSMART

SALT LAKE CITY, Jan. 12, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, bmiSMART™ launched its USA weight wellness campaign, introducing a three-product family of weight wellness supplements, available for purchase at

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The Products


I-REMOVE is powered by Litramine™, a scientifically-developed and clinically-demonstrated effective ingredient that literally removes fat from the digestive process. The product binds fat into molecules too large to be absorbed, thus optimizing the weight wellness benefits of a reduced fat diet.


I-BLOCK's proprietary active ingredient Tanitol™ reduces the absorption of calories from carbs and sugars. The naturally-derived formula has been demonstrated to increase weight loss by as much as 400% over dieting and exercise alone.


I-CONTROL contains Redusure™, a proprietary active ingredient formulated from plant-based fibers. In clinical trials, 94% of participants in clinical trials reported a pleasant "feeling of fullness" after consuming Redusure.

The Philosophy
bmiSMART Managing Director David Mastroianni says, "The bmiSMART philosophy is to promote the benefits of healthy living and wellness through a combination of nature with science and technology. And in America -- where 160 million of us are overweight and more than 78 million are clinically obese -- wellness means weight wellness."

Mastroianni has been a natural products developer for more than 30 years; but while he has made wellness his profession, his motivation is extremely personal:  "I decided that if I wouldn't give a product to my mother or my sister or my wife, then it isn't worth developing. Safety and efficacy have always been of paramount importance to me. And that is why I'm so proud of bmiSMART. These products are scientifically developed and clinically tested to ensure real-world results, and for the past four years, the same science powering bmiSMART has been behind the number one weight loss product in Europe."

bmiSMART-er about Calories
bmiSMART is not a diet pill, not a stimulant, not a metabolic enhancer designed to burn calories once they get into you. Rather, based on the same science that created the leading weight loss product in Europe, bmiSMART provides a supplemental system that triggers a block between you and the fat and carbohydrate calories you consume.

While diet pills presume to reduce your appetite and metabolic enhancers presume to burn off the calories once they already are exploding into your system, bmiSMART stop-blocks a portion of the sugars and fats before they even have a chance to make you less weight well!

Weight Wellness that Fits You!
Most diets are designed as though there were only one fat person in the world.  In other words, they have one approach to weight loss, and they expect you to fit into it.

While you're trying to fit back into that pair of yoga pants, you're confronted with a diet that expects you to fit into it, too! That isn't the way people work...and that's a big part of the reason diets don't work.

"bmiSMART knows that for you to realize your weight wellness dreams, you need a program that works the way you live!

So, if you're a person who tends to eat too much?  "Then I-CONTROL is your new best friend!" Mastroianni says. "I-CONTROL helps you take control by providing you a no-calorie sense of fullness even before you hit the buffet." 

And if sweets are your downfall?  "Then I-BLOCK will likely be the cornerstone for you to 'become bmiSMART' about weight wellness," Mastroianni says.  "Because eating I-BLOCK before and between meals causes a portion of the calories to pass through you body without being absorbed!"

If well-marbled steaks are where your willpower goes down for the count? Mastroianni advises, "Enjoy that delicious rib-eye Friday night, but chase it with I-REMOVE to bind a portion of the fats, so you can wake up Saturday morning knowing that a substantial number of the calories you normally would have absorbed as fat were instead floated out of your system. And you continue on your healthy way to weight wellness!

bmiSMART: The Mission
InQpharm™ is a global life sciences company that develops innovative, natural-ingredient-based products through a combination of science and technology. In 2016 InQpharm launches direct to American consumers with the bmiSMART family of weight wellness products. The company seeks to nourish, protect, and improve lives by introducing products based on scientific testing of unique triggers that protect the body from unwanted fat, carbohydrates, and calories. bmiSMART North American offices are in Salt Lake City, Utah, where Managing Director David Mastroianni leads a committed team of weight wellness "bioneers" promoting the science of InQpharm.  bmiSMART products are available for purchase at

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Body Mass Index (quantifies healthy vs. unhealthy weight ranges)

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Intelligent; able to vary action in response to varying situations

also impertinent; as in refusing to accept established norms, truisms, or failed solutions

also appearance; as in "That's a really smart look" or "That's bmiSMART!"

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weight wellness through smart weight loss and healthy weight maintenance

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