Bobby Sager Goes "Beyond the Robe" with Release of New Book about Historic Program Launched with The Dalai Lama

"Beyond The Robe" Features Insights from Science for Monks Program and the Power of Tibetan Buddhist Monks and Nuns to Become Leaders in Their Communities and the World At-Large

Jun 04, 2013, 09:00 ET from Bobby Sager

BOSTON, June 4, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Fourteen years ago world-renowned philanthropist, photographer, author and businessman, Bobby Sager, embarked on a historic mission with His Holiness the Dalai Lama to teach Western Science in monasteries to Buddhist monks and nuns. Today, Bobby is proud to announce the release of the retail edition of his new book, Beyond the Robe (Powerhouse Books), which tells the incredible journey behind the Science for Monks program and all it reveals about the larger role Tibetan Buddhist monks and nuns can play in their monasteries, communities and the world at-large.

Developed by the Sager Family Foundation in partnership with the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives and the Dalai Lama's private office, the Science for Monks program is the first in the 1,500-year history of Tibetan Buddhism that teaches Western Science as part of the core monastic curriculum. The Dalai Lama called it, "the most significant change to the monastic curriculum in centuries." Highlighting the program, the book features Bobby's visually arresting portraits of Tibetan monks and nuns and fine-art photography, and a collection of essays from the monks and scientists containing the first insights that have come out of the historic effort.

"Beyond the Robe follows the monks' study of science, but it is not a typical science book," says Sager. "The real story is what the study of science has revealed about who these remarkable men and women really are and the much bigger role that they seem so suited to fill. My greatest wish for this book is that it helps bring more attention to the untapped potential of the monks and nuns to provide leadership in their world and further insight into ours."

"'Beyond the Robe' has many fascinating dimensions and makes a critical contribution to Tibet, to Buddhism, and to our world today," said Robert Thurman, professor of Indo-Tibetan Buddhist Studies at Columbia University, president of Tibet House U.S., and president of the American Institute of Buddhist Studies. "The space it opens is the world of the Tibetan Buddhist monastic universities, still thriving in Indian exile. Within that world, we encounter, in beautiful and thought provoking ways, the living tradition of Buddhist monastics, their realms of study, debate, prayer, and meditation, and their living intellectual and experiential encounter with the modern worldview, with its discoveries, technologies, and anxieties."

The book was originally released as a special limited-time collector's edition on October 14, 2012, and today the retail edition is available to audiences across the globe. All of the Sager Family Foundation's proceeds from the book will be going to support programs that promote the teaching of Western Science to Tibetan monks and nuns.

To purchase the special limited-time collector's edition of "Beyond the Robe," please go to The retail book is available through major book retailers as well as online retailers such as Barnes and Nobles online and  For information about Sager Family Foundation, visit, become a fan on Facebook or join the conversation on Twitter @SagerFoundation.

About Bobby Sager
Bobby Sager is a tough-minded businessman who made a fortune by seeing opportunity where others have not. In 2000, Bobby and his wife and kids founded the Sager Family Traveling Foundation & Roadshow ( Three-dozen trips later, the Sagers have established their own special brand of hands-on, eyeball-to-eyeball philanthropy. Working together as a family, the Sagers apply their entrepreneurial skills and Rolodex to make an impact in areas of conflict and crisis. With Bobby, there are no handouts, no charity. His philanthropy uses business principles and business accountability whether it's fostering entrepreneurship in Rwanda and Palestine, training teachers in Pakistan, or a leadership program for Tibetan monks.

Using his camera as a way to do his storytelling, Sager's photographs have been featured in numerous publications and have been seen by over 4 million people at concerts and events around the world. He authored "The Power of the Invisible Sun" (Chronicle Books, 2009), which was featured on NBC's "The Today Show" and ABC "World News," and UNICEF selected the book as one of its featured publications.

Bobby has been building a network within the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) that helps business leaders to maximize their individual ability to make an impact. Sager has been recognized by YPO as its first ever recipient of their Global Humanitarian Award, and he recently won YPO's most prestigious Hickok Award for distinguished service. He is also Honorary Consul General for the governments of both Rwanda and Nepal and has given speeches at venues around the world including the General Assembly Hall of the UN and the Sydney Opera House. His philanthropy was the inspiration for the NBC prime-time drama "The Philanthropist" (2009).

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