bObsweep launches bObi Pet: the intelligent cleaner that picks up where messes leave off

Canadian robotic vacuum pioneer debuts bObi Pet, their latest and most sophisticated floor-cleaner to date with signature "TouchMe texture," stronger suction, longer battery life, and seamless movement patterns optimized for all home surfaces.

Nov 12, 2015, 14:02 ET from bObsweep

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 12, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- bObsweep, leading maker of robotic vacuum cleaners, is premiering today an industry-shaking vision of home tech: bObi pet. From specs to style, bObi Pet sets forth an entirely new, revamped model of efficiency for automated floor-cleaners, one that powerfully cleans a wide range of domestic messes — especially that of pets.

bObi Pet's reinforced turbo vacuum exceeds the cleaning needs of even the most eclectic pet owners. Her algorithms are fine-tuned to tackle all types of pet hair; seamlessly swipe across every inch of hardwood, laminate, tiles, carpets and more; and perform for an average of 1 hour 30 minutes.

The bObi Pet package also includes the new bObi blOck, an add-on that creates invisible barriers so home owners can raise temporary partitions and concentrate cleaning to their liking.

Offered in bold Scarlet and Silver color options, bObi Pet looks nothing like the impersonal, flat metallics that overrun modern tech — and for good reason. bObi Pet embodies the ideal smart home aesthetic by being a standout product at every level of technical and visible performance.

bObsweep's original "TouchMe texture" encases bObi Pet's sophisticated technology with a soft, satin-like material that feels finer than any other machine on the market, robotic and otherwise.

bObi Pet's stealth and smooth movements account for the bustling dynamics of our furry family members. Over 80 obstacle and edge sensors power bObi Pet's agility so she deftly weaves around toys, furniture, stairs and steep edges, and drives over small ledges commonly found between rooms. At less than 60 decibels, bObi is as quiet as the average conversation so she leaves playful pets undisturbed.

Eco-loving and clean to the core, bObi Pet sports an RoHS certification, meaning she is safe of lead, mercury, cadmium, and other harmful materials common in robotics manufacturing.

bObi Pet marks the culmination of a long history of expertise and customer satisfaction from bObsweep, who offers two specialized product lines in the Bob and bObi brands.

"To say that I am so happy with our bObi is an understatement," says Camille, mommy blogger of Viva Veltoro. "I LOVE having her around, and I'm as pleased as ever with her performance. She can certainly handle the high amount of crumbs and clutter that my toddlers create on a daily basis, and having her clean my floors every night is a real luxury."

bObi Pet's 5-in-1 cleaning formula is fortified with:

  • two heavy-duty brushes, hard bristle and rubber, ideal for clingy pet hair and everyday debris;
  • thickened side brush that extends the cleaning path to target periphery dirt;
  • UV light to disinfect ground bacteria;
  • 11,500 RPM turbo vacuum to reach deeper into fibrous surfaces;
  • and a built-in HEPA filter to eliminate airborne pathogens.

The complete package — which includes an unrivaled 2-year warranty on the battery and all parts, and a 60-day money back guarantee — is valued at $849 USD. This holiday season bObsweep is enticing homeowners to exclusive doorbuster deals with introductory rates sales.

bObi Pet goes beyond basic cleaning to be the indisputable one-stop solution that vacuums, sweeps, mops, sterilizes, and filters in just one go — all while innovating the home robotics field as we know it.

"With bObi Pet we are really pushing the scope of robotics and product design," says Lilia Vega from bObsweep. "She is a bold statement about what the home of the future will look like. I can't spill the beans quite yet, but we have plans in the works to expand into interior design and architecture to really solidify the place of robotic vacuums in the home."

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bObsweep creates compact, powerhouse cleaning solutions with their family of automatic robotic vacuum cleaners. Their first product, Bob Standard, revolutionized the industry with its 1000mL dustbin and deep-cleaning specs. Their trend-setting bObi line of robotic vacuums features innovative design, radio frequency technology, touchscreen buttons, and advanced sensors. bObsweep offers do-it-yourself repair guides to empower consumers, and all their products are built to last. Across the board, bObsweep delivers high-quality, environmentally conscious products that ease the strain of our everyday lives.

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