Boise State University TV Commercial Banks on Super Bowl 'Experience'

RIESTER Creative Showcases Celebrated Football Coach Chris Petersen and Highlights Innovation at Idaho's Largest University

Sep 02, 2010, 18:31 ET from RIESTER

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ -- On Labor Day, Boise State University will leverage its phenomenal success on the football field to communicate to a national audience its equally impressive accomplishments in academics. A new television commercial that harnesses the innovative spirit of the school debuts on opening-game day, and will broadcast when the high-profile Boise State Broncos hit the field.  

"If you're going to appear on the national stage, you'd better have good stage-hands that know the ropes." That is the theatrical analogy Frank Zang, communications director of Boise State University, uses to describe his reliance on RIESTER's experience when it comes to showcasing his school's attractions on a 30-second TV commercial that is available here on YouTube.  The commercial will air nationally throughout the football season beginning with the Boise State-Virginia Tech game on ESPN this Labor Day, Sept. 6.

In this instance, Zang's seasoned "stage-hands" are in the form of the creative team from RIESTER, a communications firm with offices in Los Angeles, Salt Lake City and Phoenix. The team was led by Jeff Bagley, creative director of RIESTER's Salt Lake City office.  Bagley has produced six Super Bowl commercials for Intel and Iomega.

"Those are pretty impressive credentials," says Zang, of Bagley's Super Bowl experience. "That gives us a lot of confidence in knowing our institutional commercial has been produced by creative folks who know how to create compelling, enlightening and informative messages that will resonate with a national audience."

"Boise State University is truly unique," said RIESTER CEO Tim Riester. "From their football team to their research labs they have a winning culture."

The commercial highlights innovation at Boise State, both on and off the football field. The ad begins with the line "Great ideas don't fall from the sky, they come from people. . . ." A young boy, filled with hope and potential throws an orange paper airplane from the stands at Boise State's stadium. Images representing innovative academic work happening at Boise State appear next. The paper airplane eventually lands on the blue turf of the Bronco's field at the feet of a man. The camera pulls back and the man is revealed to be Coach Chris Petersen revealing the tagline: "Innovate at Boise State."

"Boise State is innovating in so many fields, from the science labs right down to their iconic blue football field," says Bagley. "All of this is conveyed in the commercial."


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About Boise State University

As an emerging metropolitan research university of distinction, Boise State University plays a crucial role in the region's economic development and famed quality of life. Idaho's largest institution of higher education offers nearly 200 degrees and certificates in seven colleges. While remaining committed to the strong teaching legacy that has resulted in 11 Idaho Professor of the Year awards since 1990, Boise State's added emphasis on innovation and creativity is fueling the fastest growing research program in Idaho.

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