Booktrack Joins Google As One Of A Select Few For The Google For Education Partner Program

Aug 20, 2015, 12:57 ET from Booktrack

SAN FRANCISCO, Aug. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Booktrack ( today announced that it has become a Google for Education Partner ( with its free Booktrack Classroom version for schools. An industry leading global technology company, Booktrack is the only company that enhances the eBook experience by adding movie-style soundtracks and ambient audio to eBooks. This is the latest in a series of major announcements from Booktrack including the recent announcement of a $5 million USD Series B financing, and now serves nearly 2.5 million active readers, educators, writers, publishers, self-publishers and music enthusiasts via the Booktrack platform.

"Supporting education and working to increase student engagement with reading and writing is a core company value at Booktrack," said Paul Cameron, CEO. "More than 12,000 classrooms around the world have already adopted Booktrack Classroom to help students improve their literacy and writing skills in a safe environment. The Google for Education Partner Program will help teachers and students discover the Booktrack Classroom tools to increase engagement for reading, creative writing, essays, novels and poetry studies."

Independent research has already proven that Booktrack dramatically improves student literacy, increasing reading comprehension and retention by 17% and reader engagement by 30% (Sources: NYU and The University of Auckland). In addition to becoming a Google for Education Partner, Booktrack also has plans to further expand its education offering later in 2015, launching new tools and an expanded content library designed to encourage reading and writing.

"Booktrack is the only tool that I've found that really helps students connect with author purpose and tone in writing," said Kate Baker, an English teacher at Southern Regional High School in New Jersey. "And if that wasn't enough, students have fun searching for sounds to add to their essays -- the cacophony of music, sound effects and student laughter was music to my ears." 

Since the company's launch in 2013, Booktrack has enabled the publishing of more than 15,000 titles in 30 different languages. With the recent launch of Booktrack's new monetization and embeddable functionalities, publishers and self-publishers are now able to sell their Booktrack titles through the site and embed full-featured Booktrack titles, complete with soundtracks, into any website—just like dropping in a YouTube video. Booktrack users and Booktrack Classroom students can now showcase their Booktracked titles on their own websites and social streams, helping their fans to experience their stories in new, more immersive ways.

For more information about the Booktrack platform, please visit the site and the or follow the company on Facebook and Twitter. To learn more about Booktrack's new monetization and embeddable functionalities, please visit:!/landing/sell and
Booktrack has been proven to instantly increase both comprehension (17%) and engagement (30%), in New York University & Auckland University Studies.
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About Booktrack

Booktrack  (, is an industry leading global technology company that synchronizes movie-style soundtracks and ambient sounds to eBooks. Music, ambient audio, and sound effects are automatically paced to an individual's reading speed and synchronized to complement and enhance the story while a person reads increasing comprehension and enjoyment. More than 2 million readers get instant access to thousands of stories, while authors and publishers can easily create their own Booktrack titles by matching their stories to an extensive library of over 20,000 free-to-use music and ambient audio tracks.

Backed by investors including Peter Thiel and Weta Digital, Booktrack is a disruptive force in the publishing and audio world, equivalent to how the introduction of sound transformed the experience of film forever. The Booktrack application is available from and in the Apple App Store, Google Play and Google Chrome Stores.

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