Borrowed By Design Launches Crowdfunding Campaign with Rockethub

Borrowed By Design is starting its first round of funding using the crowdfunding giant Rockethub to build a community for shared clothing e-commerce.

Jul 19, 2013, 10:00 ET from Borrowed By Design

ATLANTA, July 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Borrowed By Design, today announced it has begun a 45 day fundraising campaign through their chosen partner, Rockethub. Borrowed By Design has a unique focus in the fashion and retail space, giving all women a place to discuss clothing, exchange formal dresses and receive body positive messaging. A true community will be built by providing the everyday woman who falls within average, plus, petite and tall sizes a place to find other members like themselves. They will have the opportunity to list their own closet of dresses and rent special occasion dresses from other members.

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"We are proud to offer a service to women that has never existed before. By creating a place that encourages sharing on both emotional and physical levels, we're hoping to reach every woman for her rental needs during a special occasion. It's great to see model-like girls show off a tiny micro mini – but that doesn't resonate with me, a tall, curvy woman who doesn't exactly fit in a size 2. I'm taking a stand with the majority in saying that I want a place to connect with my curvy peers AND I want to exchange amazing clothing that works for us," says Jennifer Collom, COO of Borrowed By Design.

The seed round of funding will be used to jettison Borrowed By Design into the shared e-commerce marketplace. The company is built around the concept of formal clothing rental between women and will utilize the funds to hire developers, database engineers and front-end web designers. The campaign will end August 31 with the end goal of $20,000. Contributions range from $10 to $5,000, with incentives ranging from a virtual high-five to having a donators' closet highlighted on the homepage. The incentives are aligned to promote the future use of the platform from the donators while building the community from a sustainable point of view for all stakeholders.

BBD CEO Kathryn Ewing explains, "The idea started when I had a formal event to go to, nothing to wear and no money to spend on buying a new dress. BBD gives women a place where they can find other fashionable but budget-conscious women like themselves to connect and share their formal wear. It is our hope that the platform will not only provide women a place to both make and save money, but also foster a community of positive body image and self-confidence."

About Borrowed By Design
Borrowed By Design is an online community for women to rent their formal and semi-formal wear to each other by listing their lightly worn items online in a virtual closet. Founded in early 2013 by Kathryn Ewing, CEO, and Jennifer Collom, COO, the company is considered a startup in the fashion, technology and social spaces. Please follow us on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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