Boston number one city for CEOs, San Francisco number two

According to a study conducted by Jeff Christian & Co during fall 2013, Boston is the number one city in the United States for CEOs. This study includes CEOs that were born, educated or became CEOs in Boston during the course of their careers.

Oct 31, 2013, 19:16 ET from Jeff Christian & Company

CLEVELAND, Oct. 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Jeff Christian & Co,, is a leading talent centric private equity firm mobilizing transformational leadership talent and the ideal financial resources required to transform an idea or a company into a market leader.

Said Mr Christian; "We identified the 60 qualities that make up the most exceptional leaders, we call these 60 Point CEOs, and we started to see that a huge percentage of them lived in and around Boston."

The dynamics that make Boston such a great city for transformation and innovation are ones well worth exploring.  Per capita Massachusetts is the third state issuing the most number of patents in the United States at 3 patents per thousand people. It is home to Harvard.  Harvard produces more Fortune 500 CEOs than any other university in the USA with 65 (its closest rival was Stanford with 27). The Boston area boasts 49 colleges and universities in total. It also has one of the greatest concentrations of funding capabilities in the form of VC and PE firms, (341, second only to the San Francisco Bay Area). Thanks to Route 128 and the huge investment within the '80s, the spin off dynamic is a big one – as companies get bought or merge, new ones get born. And the commerce is diverse ranging from social media to biotech, allowing Boston to excel at many enterprises. 

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Top CEOs have been in Boston from its inception – Boston had Benjamin Franklin (worth $10.3 billion in today's dollars when he died), Bell (first became a CEO in Boston), and Edison (CEO first in Boston), through to Joe Tucci, one of today's great CEOs. Jack Welch, one of our most heralded CEOs and CEO makers comes from Massachusetts. Notably he still resides in Boston today. Talent retention is a major factor to the state's success - it is a CEO mentoring ground. Jack himself has mentored and coached over 30 CEOs of major corporations.

While Boston continues to thrive in the software, internet, social media and technology including defence and biotech the number of great quality CEOs just continues to increase. Jeff Christian concludes, "Boston is thriving and will continue to grow as a dominant and highly respected player & Mecca for transformational CEO talent'."


Jeff Christian is one of the pioneers in talent centric private equity. As a transformational CEO he has built several market leading companies and is one of the top five Search Consultants of all time. He is the author of 'The Headhunter's Edge' and has been on the Forbes Midas list of top deal makers for 4 years.

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