Boston Scientific Faces Lawsuit Over Allegedly Smuggling Cheap Mesh Materials says Boston Scientific is currently facing thousands of lawsuits over their transvaginal mesh device products, however, they are now being sued for allegedly buying "unverified, substandard" mesh material from a known counterfeiter in China.

Jan 27, 2016, 10:15 ET from MT Services LLC

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 27, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- MT Services LLC, a Lawsuit Settlement News Reporting Company which operates, announced today that in the latest transvaginal mesh lawsuit news, Boston Scientific is being sued again; only this time it's for allegedly buying "unverified, substandard" mesh material from a known counterfeiter in China. According to an article in Fierce Medical Devices, Mostyn Law, a law firm, recently filed the suit against Boston Scientific and three other companies, claiming that Boston Scientific ran an "international conspiracy" and "racketeering operation to get counterfeit supplies for its mesh devices." The lawsuit alleges that Boston Scientific bought and smuggled counterfeit mesh material from China after they lost their mesh supplier in the U.S., then went to great lengths to hide the fact that they were knowingly buying counterfeit mesh products and selling a product that could put women's health – and even their lives – at risk. The article states that the suit is also seeking "unspecified damages for thousands of women who got a Boston Scientific mesh implant after September 2012"; and that the number of women affected could be as high as 55,000 a year. The suit asks the court to "immediately ban Boston Scientific from selling any mesh products that contain the material." The law firm which has filed suit released a statement indicating that the "latest scientific tests" concluded that the materials in the counterfeit mesh product contain "dangerous selenium."

Currently, Boston Scientific is facing more than 20,000 claims over their transvaginal mesh devices in state and federal courts throughout the U.S. Several other TVM (transvaginal mesh) manufacturers face a high number of claims as well. Please visit the company's website at for more information on TVM lawsuits and how MTS can help you during this difficult time.

Chris Janish, CEO of MTS, commented on the recent transvaginal mesh news, "The transvaginal mesh device implants and consequential complications have led to thousands of lawsuits against quite a few different mesh manufacturers, Boston Scientific included. The latest suit against them is quite shocking, and we encourage all women plaintiffs who have been injured by a mesh product to speak with an attorney immediately."

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