'Botox Killer' Eye Cream Not Found At Sephora

Elite Serum with Argireline is Distributed through Physician Referral Network

Dec 20, 2012, 07:00 ET from SkinPro

MIAMI, Dec. 20, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Consumers won't find Elite Serum on the shelves at Sephora or Ulta, next to the ho-hum anti-aging eye cream products that make various and often unsubstantiated claims about their ability to reduce the symptoms of age. SkinPro, the fastest growing cosmeceutical company in the world, prefers distribution through medical centers and spas staffed with licensed estheticians. The reason SkinPro prefers this type of product distribution is due to the high concentration of Agireline within Elite Serum. This is the wrinkle fighting peptide made by Spain's Lipotec that Dr. Oz recently called an "alternative to Botox injections." SkinPro is a pioneer in the use of Argireline and other extremely potent pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Elite Serum is still available online, exclusively at www.EliteSerum.com where orders ship with complete product documentation that, when followed by the user, ensure a very safe and memorable experience with this one-of-a-kind prescription strength eye cream.

Product distribution through department store beauty kiosks certainly work for companies like Estee Lauder, Olay and L'Oreal, but SkinPro plans to impact the cosmeceutical market in way much different way. Consumers purchasing anti-aging and skin care products from big cosmetic chains run the risk of purchasing a product that is not specifically formulated to target their individual needs.  Often times, consumers walk into these types of retail locations and end up with a product at the advice of an untrained sales clerk who pushes a product simply because it's popular and pays them a high commission. This is why so many consumers complain of spending hundreds of dollars on eye creams that simply do not do what they say that they will do. 

SkinPro has a vision, to connect with each consumer on an individualized level; listening to their specific needs. This vision is why SkinPro has rebuffed traditional retail, opting instead for direct to physician distribution. Direct to physician distribution gives consumers the opportunity to sit with a highly trained skin care professional or Physician and discuss their needs. Physicians carrying Elite Serum are able to confidently refer Elite Serum to their patients.

This distribution method is proving very successful for SkinPro. Elite Serum is distributed in medical centers nationwide, even catching the interest of World Renowned Anti-Aging Specialist Dr. Mark Weis, MD from the University Of Kansas School Of Medicine. Dr. Weis recently said, "As a physician specializing in anti-aging medicine, I am very happy I was made aware of Elite Serum. My patients' experience has confirmed its impressive effectiveness in reducing age-related skin concerns such as crow's feet, wrinkling, fine lines, dark circles, and puffiness under the eyes. As a physician concerned with my patients' safety, I find the research effort provided by Elite Serum's creators very reassuring, and am very pleased that physicians like me now have a reliable recommendation for patients suffering from age-related facial skin concerns."

Doctors find it easy to recommend Elite Serum because of the science that backs its formula.  Created by clinically trained Cosmetic Pharmacist Irwin Grams, the formula spent over 4 years in the research and development phase. Grams and his team spent this time testing numerous combinations before deciding on the potent blend of pharmaceutical grade peptides that would become Elite Serum.  The final composition contains Lipotec's Argireline and Snap-8, along with Haloxyl, Matrixyl3000, Syn-Coll and Eyeliss.

Richard Banks, SkinPro CTO said in a recent interview, "Due to the strength of Elite Serum, we don't feel it is appropriate to sell it next to traditional 'beauty' products and cosmetics. Our product is better suited in an atmosphere in which the message of the power of peptides will properly be conveyed to consumers. Many companies, even some of the mainstream players, produce products that lack the ingredients needed to actually produce results. We didn't spend what we did on research and development to create a product that would end up in an endcap next to your run of the mill 'department store' eye serum."

There's certainly no question as to just how powerful Elite Serum is. In August of 2012, SkinPro received a notice informing them that the importation and registration of Elite Serum has been officially blocked in China.  While Chinese health officials have declined to comment on this matter, persons with information related to the documentation filing have stated that Elite Serum was deemed simply "too strong" to be classified as an OTC cosmetic product and can only be available by prescription in China. This is due to the extremely high concentration of the patented wrinkle fighting peptides, Argireline and Matrixyl 3000.

Elite Serum is available online at www.eliteserum.com.  All orders ship with the appropriate documentation to ensure a safe and optimal product application process. SkinPro is projecting that by 2014 the majority of Elite Serum units will be dispensed by the physician referral network.