BPM Microsystems Launches New 9th Generation Programmers at APEX 2016

Mar 15, 2016, 16:00 ET from BPM Microsystems

HOUSTON, March 15, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- BPM Microsystems – the leading global supplier of automated programming systems, announced today that it will showcase the newest line of universal device programming systems, The 9th Generation, at APEX 2016, March 15 through March 17 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV. This new technology is significant: spanning the entire range of  first article, manual production and automated programming systems, it is the industry's first line of true universal programmers with both the fastest flash programming times as well as universal device coverage for today's, yesterday's and tomorrow's devices all in a single programming site.

This new advancement demonstrates BPM Microsystems' capability of leading the industry with innovative, flexible, cost-effective programing solutions with uncompromising quality.

Known as The 9th Generation, this revolutionary new site technology gives customers a cost-effective solution to program first articles and manual and automated production using the same algorithms and sockets across the entire line. By leveraging the vast library of devices, sockets and algorithms, the 9th Generation Programmers deliver a vast number of supported devices from day one with more support being added every day. Existing customers can utilize sockets they already purchased for both 7th and 8th generation programmers.

"I am very happy to announce that BPM is first to market with a universal programmer that supports not only the broadest range of devices in the industry but also delivers the fastest programming times for eMMC , NAND, NOR and serial flash devices," said William White, President and CEO. "Fast programming times, CSP capability and universal sites mean customers can meet increasing demands for improved time-to-market, lower costs, higher throughputs and uncompromising quality."

James Holava, Global Sales Director, discusses 9th Generation and the upcoming show, "At APEX 2016, we will display the new 9th Generation 3900 automated system along with the two manual programmers, 2900 and 1900 – for all to see. This new site-technology was carefully designed, with all of our customers in mind, to handle whatever comes next – now and in the future.  In addition, we will also be highlighting our latest proprietary sockets, 'the EDGE' – engineered, manufactured and serviced all in-house," he added.

To learn more about 9th Generation, visit - http://www.bpmmicro.com/9th-generation/

Edge is a high performance programming socket that is custom designed, manufactured and supported in-house to ensure trouble free operation for customers. With a socket life of 250,000 cycles for low cost per device, EDGE sockets are designed to support chip-scale devices as small as 0.4mm pitch micro BGA and WLCSP.

For more detailed info about EDGE, visit - http://www.bpmmicro.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/EDGE_EN_1015_REVA2.pdf

Known for the slogan "Setting the standard in device programming," BPM Microsystems will indeed be setting the standards as the industry's best come March 14 at the APEX 2016 show in Las Vegas.

About BPM Microsystems

"We have been inventing high-quality, reliable device programming solutions for generations. Since 1985, our company has developed the hardware and software tools necessary to not only meet, but exceed the requirements of the most valued professionals in the device programming industry, our customers.

Each generation of device programmers builds on the prior generation, getting more advanced with each technological enhancement and more adaptable to customers' needs."

To learn more about BPM Microsystems, visit – www.bpmmicro.com


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