Brace Yourself For The Big Game On Sunday

Leading Athletic Brace Company DonJoy Offers Bracing Info for the Big Game

Feb 01, 2013, 17:20 ET from DonJoy

VISTA, Calif., Feb. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- The road to the Big Game this year has been paved with injuries, but DonJoy's bracing technology has been instrumental in keeping such key players as Baltimore Ravens star linebacker Ray Lewis and the San Francisco 49ers' Justin Smith in the game. DonJoy's industry-leading braces have been used by a star-studded cast of athletes throughout the NFL season and playoffs including:

  • NFL Defensive Player of the Year, The Houston Texan's - J.J. Wyatt (elbow)
  • Miami Dolphins Linebacker – Karlos Dansby (elbow)
  • Washington Redskins Quarterback – Robert Griffin III (knee)
  • 23 out 25 NCAA Football Teams

DonJoy's roots in football go deep! The company was co-founded by Philadelphia Eagles offensive line captain Mark Nordquist in 1978.

Given the focus on bracing that occurred throughout the season, DonJoy is providing the information below about its technology along with subject matter experts who can provide additional details and insights. 

DonJoy Custom Edition Elbow

  • Premium, custom made, carbon fiber frame and bi-lateral uprights provide strongest protection for ligament instabilities and hyperextension control  
  • Hinge flexion/extension stops address individual range-of-motion control and restrictions as needed for full protection during play
  • Custom made & low profile for ultimate fit and function

DonJoy Knee Bracing

  • Custom version made of carbon fiber/off-the-shelf made of aircraft aluminum
  • Frame and strap design provides a posterior force on the tibia preventing anterior translation, significantly decreasing the amount of strain placed on the ACL, minimizing the chance of injury or re-injury
  • FourcePoint technology compliments the brace design. FourcePoint provides passive resistance as the knee goes from flexion to extension.  As the knee gets closer to full extension, the probability of injury to the ACL increases substantially. FourcePoint technology minimizes the time the knee spends in the "at risk" position (joint angles < 30⁰)

DonJoy Spokesperson:

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