Brain Games for Seniors: Dakim Offers 1st Brain Fitness Software Aimed at Fighting Dementia

Same Activities as #1 Brain Training System in Senior Living Communities

Jan 07, 2010, 12:00 ET from Dakim, Inc.

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 7 /PRNewswire/ --The first dementia-fighting brain fitness software for seniors will soon be released by Dakim, Inc., developer of the #1 brain training system used in senior living communities. The new Dakim BrainFitness software edition helps the post-55 generation maintain mental acuity with the same entertaining, scientifically based activities as the hardware-based institutional unit, providing an affordable $495 solution for home users to thwart dementia symptoms such as memory loss.

Fight Mental Decline in 20 Fun Minutes a Day

The Dakim system transforms standardized neurological tests into senior-friendly interactive brain games reminiscent of a TV game show, complete with oldies music, film clips, newsreels, story exercises, colorful graphics, humor and variety to maintain interest. The have-fun design encourages consistent long-term use in keeping with medical research indicating that ongoing mental stimulation can reduce dementia risk by more than 60%.

Each 20-minute Dakim session exercises short- as well as long-term memory, critical thinking, visuospatial orientation, calculation and language for a thorough brain workout.

Activities self-adjust for five general ability levels ranging from normal brain function to moderate dementia, automatically increase or decrease difficulty levels in real time based on user performance, and are automatically updated almost daily over the Internet to keep users coming back for more.

Activities range from anagrams and word association games to interactive puzzles, visual comparisons and grocery-store math challenges. "Keep Your Eyes Open," for example, trains short-term memory by showing old movie clips and then questioning users about what they saw. "Phunny Phrases," on the other hand, exercises language and deductive reasoning by presenting nonsense words and asking users to add the correct letters to turn them into real phrases.

Top Choice of Senior Living Communities

Originally designed for use in senior living communities, Dakim BrainFitness is the best-selling product in the industry with adoption by more than 350 independent retirement, assisted living and skilled nursing communities, adult day care centers and senior centers across the U.S. That dominance stems from compelling and continually updated multimedia activities that keep users engaged, as well as a community package that utilizes a touchscreen computer requiring no mouse, keyboard or computer skills. The touchscreen form factor enables use by individuals who have never used a computer or those with arthritis, Parkinson's or fine motor impairment issues, while also reducing or eliminating the need for caregiver assistance.

The new software-only edition extends the brain-building benefits to home users on their personal computers, providing an enjoyable cognitive stimulation program specifically designed to help prevent or slow the development of dementia symptoms.

"Virtually every family has been touched by dementia, and anyone who has seen the effects is looking for a way to save themselves or their loved ones," said Dakim CEO Dan Michel. "Given years of medical research showing the ability of long-term cognitive stimulation to reduce dementia risk, regular brain workouts are the most promising strategy available for preserving brain health. We have spent nearly a decade developing Dakim BrainFitness specifically for seniors and specifically for that purpose, and now anyone with a computer can use it to help build their defenses against mental decline."


The Dakim BrainFitness software edition will be available this spring at It will be compatible with Windows 7/XP/Vista and Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, as well as touchscreen computer/monitor platforms.

The software is being exhibited for the first time in Booth 3206, North Hall, at the 2010 International CES show that opens today in Las Vegas. The Dakim booth is located in the Silver Summit area for technology designed for those 55 and older.

About Dakim, Inc.

Dakim, Inc., the Brain Fitness Company, is the leading provider of brain fitness programs that provide rigorous cognitive stimulation to help reduce the risk of memory loss and dementia as well as expedite the process of regaining cognitive function after a stroke or traumatic brain injury. The company's flagship product, Dakim BrainFitness, offers an entertaining multimedia brain workout that is available as a software product for home use and also packaged on a touchscreen computer for senior living communities. The hardware-based edition is the #1 brain training program in the senior living market because of its innovative format and ability to be used with virtually no caregiver assistance. The company is headquartered in Santa Monica, CA. For more information, visit

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