Brain Research Foundation Expands Funding for Critical Early Stage Research On Brain And Neurological Disorders To National Institutions

Oct 17, 2012, 13:00 ET from Brain Research Foundation

CHICAGO, Oct. 17, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Brain Research Foundation (BRF), a leading grant-making organization supporting new science that explores how the brain works, today announced that it has expanded its seed grant funding nationally. "The funding obstacles to novel research exist beyond geographic boundaries," stated Nathan Hansen, President of the BRF Board of Trustees. "Our past successes now allow a more expansive Seed Grant Program to support innovative and groundbreaking research being done throughout the country."

BRF funds neuroscience research that seeks to develop a deeper understanding of how the human brain and nervous system function. BRF's Fay/Frank Seed Grant Program targets early stage research that generates results sufficient to secure additional major funding. Institutions nominate research projects and the BRF's Scientific Review Committee selects the most promising grant proposals for the $50,000 awards. "This is an exciting expansion of our mission because it strengthens networks across the neuroscience community and fosters new research," stated Terre Constantine, Executive Director of BRF. "We're pleased to be able to support novel ideas that researchers throughout the country are eager to explore." 

The Seed Grant Program opened at the end of September and for the first time included major national neuroscience research institutions beyond the Chicago area. Proposals will be received in December 2012 and winners will be announced in May 2013.

Since 1981, the BRF Seed Grant Program has awarded more than $9 million to innovative neuroscientists whose data has generated in excess of eight times the initial funding investment.

BRF supports research that impacts all neurological disorders and diseases. Current Seed Grant winners are exploring a wide range of topics: the results will impact our understanding of Parkinson's disease, schizophrenia and Alzheimer's disease as well as depression, epilepsy and drug addition.

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The Brain Research Foundation is a national organization that supports cutting-edge neuroscience research that will lead to novel treatments and prevention of all neurological diseases in children and adults. We deliver this commitment through both research grants that provide initial funding for innovative projects, as well as educational programs for researchers and the general public.

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Jim  Prendergast

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