Brainpaths Announces USPTO patent allowance for its neurological medical device that Stimulates the Brain

Repetitive fingertip tracing of sharp textures injected into a plastic device, stimulates the sensory cortex of the brain.

Jul 31, 2015, 17:25 ET from Brainpaths LLC

LAS VEGAS, July 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- John Hopkins University Krieger Brain Institute research has found 3000 mechanoreceptors, located just under the skin of each fingertip. Receptors respond to mechanical deformations of the skin brought about by fingertip tracing over sharp injected plastic textures on the surface of a Brainpaths device. What follows is a superhighway of stimulation from the fingertips to the spinal column and finally to the sensory cortex of the brain. This technology brings tactile stimulation to a new level, stimulating the brain without using electrodes. Stimulation is easily tested during a functional MRI; as user traces Brainpaths device the fMRI shows brain stimulation in the sensory cortex of the brain.

Brainpaths devices also benefit from the Research of Dr. Esther P. Gardner, "Coding of Sensory Information." Dr. Gardner discloses mechanoreceptors are activated by strong stimuli: sharp, pricking sensations. Pinching the skin with a two-sided probe produces the strongest response. Brainpaths devices have textures that provide sharp pricking sensations as the textures indent into the users fingertips.

Doors are Opening for Brainpaths medical devices in homes, schools, community settings, providing brain stimulation without a prescription.

Brainpaths devices are easy to use, relaxing and enjoyable. In fact, you won't even realize you are stimulating your brain as you listen to music or watch a movie while tracing your injected plastic device equipped with sharp-like protrusions and recessions to indent into mechanoreceptors in the fingertips to stimulate your brain.

Brainpaths devices are now available in the Alzheimer's Foundation Best Products store, Montessori Schools, Senior Centers, Nursing Homes, public schools and therapy clinics.     

It has been recognized that through sensory stimulation and repetitious mental exercises resulting from repetitive finger movement indenting into mechanoreceptors, memory is increased, cognitive abilities improved, anxiety, depression and stress released.     

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