Brand Protection and Failure to Perform by Blom ASA Prompt Pictometry to File Motion for Contempt and Injunction Dissolution

Mar 22, 2011, 12:55 ET from Pictometry

ROCHESTER, N.Y., March 22, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Pictometry International Corp. announced today that it has filed a motion in Federal Court seeking contempt and to dissolve an injunction order in its dispute with technology licensee Blom ASA of Oslo, Norway.

"Our top priority remains our brand and customers and we are fully prepared to protect and defend them from the consequences of what we see as willful and repeated violations to this operating arrangement," said James F. Smyth, Pictometry's Chief Marketing Officer.

Pictometry's legal dispute against Blom, its European licensee, began late last year after Blom entered into a Cooperation Agreement with Infoterra Limited. Pictometry cited a breach by Blom of its obligations which prohibit Blom from sublicensing Pictometry's exclusive technology rights or trademarks, or delegating duties to a third party without prior written consent. In December 2010, an injunction ruling was made, requiring full compliance with the terms of the technology agreement between the parties. Pictometry's basis for its current motion is Blom's failure to perform under that agreement and other grounds it believes are in violation of the injunction.

"As always, we are open to any form of resolution that uncompromisingly protects our products and reputation – from arbitration and litigation of issues to some form of mutual resolution – but we are compelled to take swift action against any actions that prolong resolution and blatantly disregard operating terms and conditions," added Smyth.

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