Brand Reputation Management Expert JW Maxx Solutions Talks Personalized Online Interactions

The brand reputation management experts at JW Maxx solutions say that the lost personal touch can make a huge difference for businesses in the summer of 2013

Jun 26, 2013, 09:20 ET from JW Maxx Solutions

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., June 26, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- With so many transactions now taking place without businesses ever having any personal contact with their customers, even by e-mail, many businesses and consumers have all but abandoned the notion that transactions are in any way personal.  Money is moved from one account to another electronically, and products and services are delivered through automated systems, either digitally or through the use of machinery.  Even signatures on invoices are often electronic.


Brand repuatation mangement experts state that the situtation is so far gone that few even give it a fleeting thought.  Small businesses, though, can use this change to give themselves a massive advantage over the competition.  Those that are small enough would do well to write personalized e-mails, or better yet, personalized, handwritten letters, to each of their customers.  Although this can be time-consuming, it will be among the best investments they ever make.

Brand reputation management experts JW Maxx Solutions say that customers will immediately feel valued knowing that the business considered them important enough to go the extra mile and reach out to them on a personal, individual basis.  Even a few lines thanking them for making a purchase, asking them if there is anything further they need, saying what a pleasure it was doing business with them, and/or indicating that they look forward to doing so again will have many customers talking about it for weeks, months, or even years.  Not only will those customers keep coming back, but they are likely to write blog posts, mention it on forums, and provide reviews on the company's website.  This is an excellent way for startups to build a customer base cost-efficiently.

While the biggest benefit comes to smaller companies, brand reputation management expertsJW Maxx Solutions indicate that larger companies can do the same thing, albeit with just a fraction of their customers.  In this case, it is extremely important that companies resist the temptation to send form letters or e-mails.  Such an approach would considerably minimize the impact of the effort.  While lower-level employees could be responsible for reaching out to a small percentage of customers with personalized notes, the odd letter from the President or CEO to supplement such overtures could well result in regional or national news coverage, all the better if it's a daily or weekly practice.  The impact of such a story would continue to resonate online well after the initial report was filed, showing up every time anyone researches the company.

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