Brazil Defence and Security Report Q2 2013

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Brazil Defence and Security Report Q2 2013

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BMI's Brazil Defence & Security Report for Q2 2013 examines the internal and external securitychallenges faced by the country, the modus operandi of political defence decision-making, and how thesedecisions are transformed into military action. In addition, it outlines the order of battle of the country'sarmed forces, the respective sizes of the armed forces, current defence procurement programmes and futureanticipated acquisitions of military materiel.Beyond this, the report also investigates Brazil's growing defence industrial sector, particularly in the realmof aerospace, and the impact that this defence industry could have in domestic and international contexts.The report makes several key findings. Firstly, it notes that the country has a long-term objective to becomea major player in the global defence industry; both in Latin America, and abroad. Secondly, it notes thatBrazil is playing an increasingly important role vis-à-vis security both domestically and across the widerregion; this includes its relationships with its neighbours and its participation in international peacekeepingmissions. Fourthly, the Brazilian defence establishment is wedded to a long-term programme of defencemodernisation. This is focused on the replacement of obsolete platforms and capabilities with newdomestically produced and imported equipment.BMI Industry View 7SWOT 9Brazil Security SWOT 9Brazil Defence & Security SWOT - Q2 2013 11Political 13Economic 14Business Environment 16Industry Forecast 17Armed Forces 17Table: Brazil's Armed Forces, 2001-2009 ('000 personnel, unless otherwise stated) 17Table: Brazil's Manpower Available For Military Service, 2010-2017, (aged 16-49, unless otherwise stated) 17Defence Expenditure 17Table: Brazil's Defence Expenditure, 2010-2017 18Table: Brazil's Defence Expenditure Scenario - Changing % Of GDP (US$mn), 2010-2017 19Table: Brazil's Defence Exports, 2010-2017 (US$mn) 20Table: Brazil's Defence Imports, 2010-2017, (US$mn) 20Defence Trade 21Table: Brazil's Defence Trade Balance, 2010-2017, (US$mn) 21Macroeconomic Forecasts 22Economic Analysis 22Table: Brazil - Economic Activity 28Industry Risk Reward Ratings 29Security Risk Reward Ratings 29Table: Latin America Security Ratings 29Table: Latin America State Vulnerability To Terrorism Ratings 30Market Overview 31Brazil - Market Overview 31Arms Trade Overview 31Industry Trends and Developments 32Armed Forces And Government Spending 34Table: Foreign Deployments 41Industry Trends And Developments 44Political Overview 44Table: Political Overview 46Table: Selected Preliminary Municipal Election Results 47Security Overview 53Internal Security 53External Security 55Table: Regional Insurgent Groups 55Company Profile 57AVIBRAS Indústria Aerospacial SA 57Embraer 58Regional Overview 60Political Risk Analysis 60Global Industry Overview 82Global Political Outlook 82Eurozone 82Iran War Risks Rising In 2013 83Syrian Conflict To Continue, Post-Assad 84Caucasus At Risk Of Armenia-Azerbaijan War 84Korean Peninsula Facing Mixed Outlook 85Asia's Maritime Island Disputes 85Table: Election Timetable, 2013 86Methodology 90How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts 90Defence Industry 91Sources 91

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