Brazilian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook 2015-2025

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Medicine sales in Brazil – your guide to trends, opportunities and revenue prospects
Do you want to assess Brazil's pharmaceutical sales from 2015? See what lies ahead. Visiongain's new study gives you multilevel revenue forecasts, helping your research and analysis. That report's purpose is showing results, opportunities and future business trends.

Brazil can satisfy expectations for expanding healthcare coverage and rapid growth of its drugs market. Discover what's possible, to 2025, for pharma companies operating in that developing country. You find business analysis, developments and potential revenues.

So please read on to explore Brazilian medical sales and discover how high that market's revenues could go.

Trends and outlooks for that emerging healthcare market – what's possible?
Our study covers small molecule medicines and biological drugs (biologics), including biosimilars and vaccines. From 2015 patients, healthcare providers and the pharmaceutical industry will benefit from medical progress in Brazil. You discover where, how and why.

That updated work lets you find business predictions from 2015 to 2025 at overall national and submarket levels. You discover the most lucrative parts of that market, seeing what the future holds for pharma revenue generation.

And you discover trends and analyses explaining existing and expected progress.

Forecasts and other data helping you find where the money lies in Brazil's medical sales
To support our forecasting, our work shows you historical data, recent results, growth rates and market shares. There you investigate developments and potentials, finding what they mean and their values. You also get 53 tables, 58 charts and an exclusive interview.

Also save time and avoid struggles to find data for your research, analysis and planning. See, too, how you can help your influence, benefiting your reputation for commercial insight.

And the following sections highlight analyses our new investigation gives.

Potentials of Brazilian medical business – forecasting of that overall market and its segments
What's Brazil's potential? What're the secrets of that country's expansion of pharma sales?

There discover overall drug revenues to 2025, with discussions. Our report then shows individual sales predictions – from 2015 to 2025 – for six main submarkets:
- Patented therapies – original brands of prescription pharmaceuticals, also with prediction of vaccine and biological drug (grouped) revenues
- Generic drugs (prescription generics), also with grouped forecasting of biosimilar revenues
- OTC medicines – over-the-counter products.

The author of that report said: "The future looks promising for Brazilian pharmaceutical sales. That emerging national market is growing at a much faster rate than more mature markets, such as the US and the EU5, and will continue to do so over the next ten years."

Hear what's possible, then, getting a feel for that country's medical needs and pharma business. Also gain forecasting of therapeutic applications, via separate analyses.

Diseases and their treatment – what prospects for drugs and their sellers?
The updated study also predicts revenues in Brazil for treating prominent diseases. See individual revenue forecasts to 2025 for six therapeutic categories:
- Central nervous system (CNS) products
- Cardiovascular (CV) treatments
- Alimentary and metabolic disorders therapy
- Cancer treatments (oncology)
- Infectious diseases – anti-infective agents (vaccines and antibiotics)
- Therapies for other illnesses (grouped).

How fast will those submarkets expand? And which treatment classes will give highest revenues? There you assess opportunities and potentials, seeing where you can gain.

You also investigate what stimulates and restrains sales of pharmaceuticals there.

Issues and events in Brazil – what affects drug developers, producers and sellers?
Our report also discusses forces influencing sales of medicines there from 2015 to 2025, including these forces:
- Strategies companies and public healthcare providers use to serve patients' needs
- Efforts of domestic and foreign companies, inc. mergers and acquisitions (M&A activity), drug launches, sales ranking and Brazilian market share
- Trends in demographics, economics and epidemiology – assess rising medical needs and how to serve them
- Wholesalers, distributors and retailers of medicines – the supply chain
- Governmental policies, inc. pricing and reimbursement and other regulations.

And assess these influences, among others:
- Efforts by regions to improve medical provision, better serving populations
- Healthcare insurance – public and private – to benefit patients
- Technologies – competitors' research and development (R&D) and manufacturing
- Technology transfer and IP protection, including action against counterfeiting
- Rising demand for biological drugs, including biosimilars (follow-on protein products)
- Brazil's position in overall world, Latin American, BRIC nations and pharmerging countries' pharma activity.

There you examine political, economic, social and technological questions, assessing commercial outlooks. And also strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Explore what stimulates and restrains domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies in Brazil.

Analysis of top companies and their industry's performance – what future sales possible?
What happens next? Our work predicts the Brazilian pharma market will reach $50.6bn in 2019 – with strong expansion. By 2025 it can become one of the world's big drug markets.

You discover what causes that progress and what's possible. Our study explains activities of 10 leading domestic companies, in particular, including these firms:
- Hypermarcas
- Aché
- Eurofarma
- Cristália
- Libbs
- União Química.

You also see activities of 10 multinational (big pharma) organisations and other foreign players, including these corporations:
- Sanofi
- Novartis
- Roche
- Merck & Co.
- Pfizer
- Takeda
- Bayer.

You also see an interview with BiocadBrazil Farmaceutica. Discover the efforts of specialists, including firms making biopharmaceuticals.

Developments of leading generics and biosimilar producers and sellers
In that report you also see international manufacturers and marketers of generic drugs and biosimilars targeting Brazil, including these companies:
- Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
- Mylan
- Actavis
- Glenmark
- Valeant
- Glenmark
- Strides Arcolab
- Biocon.

From 2015 great progress in Brazilian medical sales will occur. Pharma industry leaders and specialty operations – esp. manufacturers of generic and biosimilar drugs – stand to benefit. See, then, what's possible and how you can gain.

Ways Brazilian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook 2015-2025 helps your work
In these five main ways, our investigation gives knowledge to help your research, analyses and decisions:
- Brazil's overall pharma revenues from 2015 – discover that top developing country's prospects for investments, marketing and sales
- Submarkets' revenues to 2025 – investigate 12 segments at national level, finding product groups and therapeutic needs with highest potential revenues
- Prospects for domestic and foreign drug developers, producers and sellers – explore portfolios, R&D, approvals, collaborations, M&A and outlooks
- Opinion and news from companies – see views to help you stay ahead
- Analysis of what stimulates and restrains Brazil's drugs market – assess challenges and strengths there, helping you compete and gain advantages.

Those analyses help you avoid falling behind, giving predictions top companies depend on again and again.

Information found nowhere else, showing you the potential of Brazil's pharma sales
Our report gives independent analysis. There you receive business intelligence found only in our work, finding where the money lies. Discover progress and possibilities.

With that study you're more likely to stay ahead in knowledge and find opportunity. Through choosing our survey you see how you could save time and effort, also benefiting your authority and influence.

Predictions for medical businesses there – discover what results are possible
Our new investigation is for everyone analysing emerging pharma markets. Brazil holds great potential – see what's possible. So avoid missing out. Please now get that report here.
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