Brazilian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook 2016-2026

Sep 06, 2016, 09:00 ET from Visiongain Ltd

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Revenue Forecasting of Originator, Generic and OTC Medicines and Therapy Areas Including CNS, Cardiovascular and Cancer; Exploration of Regional Differences in Healthcare; Discussion of Domestic Manufacturers Including EMS, Hypermarcas and Aché, and International Drug Companies Including Sanofi, Novartis and Roche

Medicine Sales in Brazil - How to Find Trends, Opportunities and Forecasted Revenues
Do you want to assess Brazil's pharmaceutical market from 2016? If so, visiongain's new report gives you revenue forecasts, helping your research and analysis. That study's purpose is to show opportunities, trends and sales predictions to 2026.

Brazil can satisfy expectations for wider healthcare coverage and rapid expansion of its pharma industry and market. With our updated study you explore business analysis, developments and opportunities for domestic and foreign companies.

Please read on to explore Brazilian medical sales and see how high that fast developing country's revenues could go.

Trends and outlooks for that emerging healthcare market - what is possible?
From 2016 patients, treatment providers and the pharmaceutical industry will benefit from progress in Brazilian healthcare. Discover in our study what the future holds - medical needs and potential revenues. Also find rankings of companies.

Our new analysis shows you revenue predictions from 2016 to 2026 at overall national and submarket levels. You discover the most lucrative parts of that country's drug market, seeing opportunities to benefit patients, healthcare providers and pharma companies. Explore what the future holds for domestic producers and multinational pharma companies.

Forecasts and other data help you find where the money lies in Brazil's medical sales
To support our forecasting, our work shows you historical results, sales growth rates and market shares. In our 191 page report you gain 52 tables, 55 charts and interviews with representatives from BiocadBrazil Farmaceutica and Sandoz Brazil.

With our study, see how you could save time and avoid struggles to find data to help your research, analysis, plans and presentations. See, too, how you could help your influence, benefiting your reputation for commercial insight on Brazilian pharma.

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The following sections show how our investigation helps your work.

Potential of Brazil's drug sales - overall market and segment forecasts
What is Brazil's potential as a pharma market? In our analysis you discover overall revenues to 2026, with discussions. Our report also shows you individual sales predictions - from 2016 to 2026 - for three main submarkets:
 Patented therapies - original brands of prescription drugs
• Generic pharmaceuticals (generics)
• OTC medicines - over-the-counter treatments.

The future looks promising for Brazilian pharmaceutical sales. That developing national market is growing at a faster rate than more-mature markets, and can continue to do so over the next ten years. See what is possible.

With our study also extend your knowledge of that country's medical needs and pharma industry. In addition you explore forecasting for therapeutic applications, assessing demand and potential revenues.

Diseases and their treatment - what prospects for drugs and their sellers?
Our new study also predicts revenues in Brazil for treating prominent diseases. See individual revenue forecasts to 2026 for six therapeutic categories:
• Central nervous system (CNS)
• Cardiovascular (CV)
• Gastrointestinal and metabolic
• Cancer treatments (oncology)
• Infectious diseases - anti-infective agents (vaccines and antibiotics)
• Therapies for other disorders (grouped analysis).

How fast will those submarkets expand? How high will their revenues go? With our report you assess opportunities and potentials, seeing what developments and sales are possible.

There you also investigate what stimulates and restrains sales of drugs.

Issues and events in Brazil - what affects drug developers, producers and sellers?
Our study discusses forces affecting Brazil's medical sales from 2016, including these influences:
• Efforts of companies and public healthcare providers to serve patients' needs
• Strategies of domestic and foreign companies, including mergers and acquisitions (M&A), drug launches, sales ranking and Brazilian market share
• Trends in demographics, economics and epidemiology - assess medical needs, including Zika virus infection
• Wholesalers, distributors and retailers of medicines - the supply chain
• Governmental policies - explore activities of ANVISA and SUS and other bodies - including the new drug price adjustment system, the RENAME reimbursement programme and ANVISA reform of patent protection.

With our study you also assess these influences, among others:
• Efforts by regions to improve medical provision, better serving populations
• Healthcare insurance - public and private - to improve access to medicines
• Technologies - competitors' research and development and manufacturing
• Technology transfer and IP protection, including action against counterfeiting
• Rising demand for biological drugs, including biosimilars
• Brazil's position in overall world, Latin American, BRIC nations and pharmerging countries' pharmaceutical markets.

With our analysis you examine political, economic, social and technological questions, assessing commercial prospects. You also investigate strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

Explore what stimulates and restrains domestic and foreign pharmaceutical companies in Brazil, discovering what is possible from 2016 to 2026.

Analysis of top companies and their industry - what future sales are possible?
What happens next? Our work predicts the Brazilian pharma market will reach $31.1bn in 2020 - with strong expansion from 2016 to 2026. See what is possible.

In our report you discover what causes that sales growth and why Brazil attracts and develops pharma business. There you explore activities of 10 leading domestic companies and other firms, including these organisations:
• Hypermarcas
• Aché
• Eurofarma
• Cristália
• Libbs
• União Química.

You also assess 10 multinational - big pharma - organisations and other foreign players operating there, including these corporations:
• Sanofi
• Novartis
• Roche
• Pfizer
• Takeda
• Bayer
• Merck & Co.

You also see interviews with BiocadBrazil Farmaceutica and Sandoz Brazil. Discover the efforts of pharma specialists, including firms making biopharmaceuticals. From 2016 many firms stand to gain.

Leading generic and biosimilar drug developers, producers and sellers
In our report you assess other international manufacturers and marketers of drugs for Brazil, including generics and biosimilars:
• Teva Pharmaceutical Industries
• Mylan
• Actavis
• Daiichi Sankyo
• Glenmark
• Valeant
• Strides Arcolab
• Biocon.

Pharma industry leaders and specialty companies will expand their operations and sales there. Explore what is possible in Brazil and see how you could benefit.

5 ways Brazilian Pharmaceutical Market Outlook 2016-2026 helps your work
In these five main ways, our investigation gives knowledge to benefit your research, analyses and decisions:
• Brazil's overall pharma revenues from 2016 - discover that leading developing country's prospects for medical investments, marketing and sales
• Submarkets' revenues to 2026 - investigate 9 segments at national level, finding product groups and therapeutic needs with highest potential revenues
• Prospects for domestic and foreign drug developers, producers and sellers - explore portfolios, R&D, product approvals, collaborations, M&A and outlooks
• Opinion and news from companies - see views to help you stay ahead in knowledge, including two interviews
• Analysis of what stimulates and restrains Brazil's market for human medicines - assess challenges and strengths there, helping you compete and gain advantages.

That study, by our in-house analysts in the UK, gives data to benefit your work. Our survey shows information you find nowhere else, helping you stay ahead.

Independent analysis showing you the potential of Brazil's pharma sales
Our report gives analysis showing you the most promising opportunities. Discover progress and possibilities for pharmaceutical sales in Brazil.

Through choosing our study, see how you could save time and effort, also benefiting your authority and reputation for commercial insight.

Our investigation is for everyone analysing rising and emerging pharma markets. Brazil holds great commercial potential - our study shows you trends, forecasts and discussions to help you stay ahead in knowledge. So avoid missing out - please get our new report here now.

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