Breakthrough Ultrasonic Acne Treatment Ready for Market Launch

Ultrasonic System Delivers Acne Medication Deep into the Skin's Pores

Reduced Acne By 70.3% in 4 Weeks vs. the Norm for Other Acne Treatments of 20%

Feb 15, 2012, 14:00 ET from Transdermal Specialties, Inc

BROOMALL, Pa., Feb. 15, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Transdermal Specialties, Inc (TSI) is a pioneer in Ultrasonic active patch delivery systems for the Drug and Skincare industries. The Company has completed clinical trials of its U-Wand™ Anti-Acne System. The U-Wand™ is an ultrasonic product applicator device with the ability to generate ultrasonic transmissions of variable intensity and frequency on a programmed schedule that dilates the skin's pores to allow easy acceptance of skincare products beneath the skin and directly into the pores.

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Pore Dilating Technology - The U-Wand uses two ultrasonic waveforms. Ultrasound Sawtooth Waveforms enlarge the pores, and then Ultrasound Square Waveforms push the compound into the expanded pores, in effect creating a mechanized form of osmosis (see link for full release with graphics).

Severe Acne Test - Two male volunteers with severe Acne were recruited for a pre-test where they followed the same regimen as the full trial volunteers for 2 weeks. To view the before and after photos, click here.

Clinical Trial Documentation & Results - To monitor the clinical trial, TSI used a Company that is the industry leader in providing the imaging systems and support necessary for high definition photographic documentation in the medical and skincare fields. According to their analysis, the average reduction in facial lesions from the use of the U-Wand™ Anti-Acne Treatment System was 70.3% over all the volunteers in 4-weeks. The highest reduction score achieved by this Company prior to this clinical trial was a 20% reduction in lesion count.

About Transdermal Specialties, Inc – Transdermal Specialties, Inc is an intellectual property company and advanced technology incubator incorporated in the State of Delaware in February 2004. The Company has developed a patented delivery system that breaks new ground in active patch technology, in effect creating a mechanized form of osmosis. Based on a radical integration of microelectronics and ultrasonic science, this product delivery system generates ultrasonic transmissions of variable intensity and frequency on a programmed schedule that dilates skin pores to allow easy acceptance of drugs into the bloodstream (U-Strip™) and topical skincare products that penetrate the skin (U-Wand™).

The Company's Skincare Division was formed to exploit the opportunities in the skincare industry represented by the U-Wand™ ultrasonic delivery device in conjunction with a new line of skin care formulations called "SonicAge™."  In addition to its Anti-Acne Treatment System that targets the over 50 million acne sufferers in the United States of which 17 million are adults, the Company plans to expand into additional skin care categories such as:

  1. Age Spots
  2. Anti-Aging Treatments
  3. Cellulite Treatments
  4. Deep Hydration Facial Moisturizers
  5. Skin Lightening

Each of these markets on their own are close to or in excess of $ billion

The Company's Medical Division is focused on developing and marketing its transdermal technologies for applications in the drug field. Its revolutionary transdermal system, called the U-Strip™, facilitates the efficient and needle-free delivery of drugs with large molecular structures into the bloodstream. This ultrasonic system with a product-carrying patch represents a quantum leap in non-invasive, transdermal delivery technology. Tests have shown that the U-Strip facilitates the transdermal delivery of Insulin as well as potentially at least 175 other existing drugs through the pores of the skin and into the bloodstream. The currently available transdermal technology cannot effectively deliver these drugs due to their large molecular size.

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