Breathe Better this Winter with 'My Breathefree App'

Dec 29, 2015, 22:30 ET from Breathefree, a public service initiative by Cipla

MUMBAI, India, December 30, 2015 /PRNewswire/ --

With the onset of winter season in the country, breathing problems and respiratory diseases will also be on the rise. To ensure that patients with respiratory problems breathe with ease, a comprehensive patient Mobile App named "My Breathefree" has been launched as a virtual caregiver by 'Breathefree', a public service initiative by Cipla. This app is specifically designed for Indian conditions and is available on Google play store and iOS platform for all patients, caregivers and doctors.

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One of the major chronic respiratory problems in the country is asthma and "My Breathefree" app will be a great help towards better asthma management and control. Asthma causes limitations in daily activities, loss of school and work days, lung function impairment, reduced quality of life and an adverse socioeconomic burden. However, if monitored and treated properly, asthmatics can control their disease and lead an absolutely normal and healthy life.

According to studies, the current levels of asthma control in the Asia-Pacific region is poor [1][2]   and Indian asthmatics have a high frequency of reported Asthma attacks (66%), leading to substantial functional and emotional limitations. [2] This depicts poor control of asthma and reflects the inadequate treatment of such patients. Indian guidelines for Asthma Management have suggested that 'control can be achieved by increasing adherence to treatment' [3] and "My Breathefree App" will be extremely beneficial in engaging patients in their treatment and making them adhere to their treatment.

'My Breathefree' app will help patients and caregivers track, understand and manage Asthma better. Users can access information on asthma, its triggers, track and share their treatment progress over time, set reminders to take their medication, record their asthma management plan, find nearby specialist clinics as well as answers to FAQs. The App aims at helping patients in controlling and managing their disease well and increasing adherence, which according to doctors is a major concern when it comes to chronic respiratory disease management.

The App will be beneficial for the following features 

  • Identifying triggers in day-to-day life with a 'Trigger map' and useful tips on how to avoid them
  • Daily dose reminders and Doctor visit reminders by syncing to phone alarm clock
  • Recording Asthma Action plan given by doctors
  • Simple video demonstrations in 10 languages on correct Inhaler and device demonstrations.
  • Tracking daily Lung power readings PEFR (Peak Expiratory Flow Rate) to avoid Asthma attacks by timely indications
  • Ease of sharing weekly PEFR graph with doctors for monitoring
  • Guidance on chronic breathing problem queries (FAQs)
  • Access to complete information on asthma and breathing problems with a link to a patient education website
  • Clinic Locator for finding a Lung Clinic near your area during emergency and saving emergency numbers for immediate assistance

'My Breathefree App' will certainly be a "good help to breathe better" for asthma patients and caregivers who wish to take charge of their disease.  For more information visit or download 'My Breathefree' App from all the App Stores. Doctors can certainly recommend this to patients for self-monitoring and self-management of the disease, thus assisting doctors with their practice and patients with their treatment

About Breathefree
Breathefree is a public service initiative by Cipla, which with the support of healthcare professionals aims to create awareness on asthma and other chronic respiratory diseases. Breathefree conducts several awareness programmes and activities like Camps, Clinics, Patient Screening Yatras and on-ground activities. It also provides easy-to-understand Patient Education material in several languages and has a unique patient education website which empowers patients and their care givers. For more information visit website or write to for any queries.


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SOURCE Breathefree, a public service initiative by Cipla