Brighterion announces new version of their adaptive, real-time, cross-channel fraud prevention solution

Jun 13, 2014, 08:56 ET from Brighterion

SAN FRANCISCO, June 13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- Brighterion is proud to announce the release of version 7 of iPrevent, our adaptive, real-time, cross-channel fraud prevention solution powered by our cognitive computing platform; the world's most comprehensive artificial intelligence and machine learning solution that predicts, infers and makes intelligent, real-time decisions.

With iPrevent customers can manage their entire portfolio (credit, debit, ACH, wire, account takeover, online banking, mobile, etc.) on a single platform. Contrary to other fraud solutions, iPrevent integrates a powerful combination of Artificial Intelligence, machine learning and Smart-Agents technologies to evaluate, in real-time, behaviors specific to each individual merchant/cardholder and delivers results that are significantly more accurate and unparalleled in the industry. Additionally, iPrevent's unique self-adaptive ability allows models to learn and make effective changes at runtime and therefore, is the only product on the market with the ability to identify and stop, in real-time, previously unknown fraud schemes and offers the longest lifespan on the market.  iPrevent processes 6,200 transactions/second in real-time with less than a 10 millisecond response time on a single mid-range server. iPrevent is used by the leaders of the financial industry worldwide to secure billions of transactions monthly.

Brighterion has the world's deepest and broadest portfolio of Big Data and Smart-Analytics technologies successfully applied in retail analytics, real-time cross-channel fraud prevention (identification of previously unknown fraud schemes), credit risk and delinquency prediction, chargeback prevention, behavioral device identification, AML detection, and real-time data breach detection.

This new achievement highlights Brighterion's outstanding ability to lead the industry in real-time, cross-channel fraud prevention. "This release is the result of the constant efforts of our engineering team," said Dr. Akli Adjaoute, Founder and CEO of Brighterion.  "In a world of ever-more clever thieves, where new behaviors of fraud arise daily, a smarter, multi-layer fraud prevention solution is required.  This release of iPrevent represents a quantum leap forward in multi-layer, real-time, cross-channel fraud prevention that will provide great benefits to the financial industry."

About Brighterion:

Brighterion offers cutting edge artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies that meet various industry's needs, including: Financial, Big Data, Homeland Security, Social Data, Search Engine, Marketing, Healthcare, etc.

Brighterion's products are trusted by the industry leaders: the largest retailers, issuers and acquirers, the world leader in the homeland security market, 6 of the top 10 global banks and hundreds of clients worldwide.

Brighterion has won enterprise-wide acclaim for its technological leadership. We received several awards including the Fraud Prevention Innovation World Series Award, the Payment Security Product Excellence Award and the Best Analytical Solution Award.

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