Brilig Announces Guaranteed Performance Lift For Online Display Advertising Campaigns

Advertisers either gain expected improvement or the audience data is free.

Sep 13, 2011, 08:00 ET from Brilig

NEW YORK, Sept. 13, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Brilig, the only cooperative data marketplace for online advertising, today announced its "Guaranteed ROI" promotion. Advertisers will be able to use the company's exclusive Lift Report™ to analyze online campaigns against Brilig's 3,000+ segments, and then select and buy the best performing segments. If after running the campaign with these segments they don't achieve the expected performance, there will be no charge for the audience data. The majority of Brilig's 40 data sellers are participating in this program.

"Brilig's market-wide Lift Report™ is a breakthrough for online advertisers looking to uncover ways to improve the ROI of individual campaigns," said Brilig CEO Paul Cimino. "All they have to do is visit our website, register for the promotion, load campaign data and buy the segments that will significantly improve their metrics.  And we'll guarantee they get the results we predict, or the data is free."

In recent campaign tests, Brilig has seen segment clusters capable of delivering lift improvements of between 100% and 1000%.

The program, which runs through October 31, 2011, is open to advertisers running online campaigns in the US only and is good for one campaign. Additional campaigns will be delivered at Brilig's standard rates and terms. Registration and program terms are available at

About Brilig

Brilig is the industry's only cooperative data marketplace for online advertising. Data sellers gain the ability to sell their data to a wide range of buyers through an open and transparent marketplace. Advertisers gain access to over 40 data sellers and 3,000+ hard-to-find segments from online and offline data for their online campaigns. Brilig's exclusive Lift Report™ enables advertisers to compare campaign data against all of Brilig's segments to uncover and exploit opportunities for improved lift and ROI. For further information visit our website at