Brilig Launches Audience Data Commerce Platform and Open Transaction Marketplace

Breakthrough solution catalogs and unifies vast universe of audience data and provides tools to create and test unique audience segment "recipes"

Jun 24, 2010, 09:24 ET from Brilig

NEW YORK, June 24 /PRNewswire/ -- Brilig today announced the public availability of its audience commerce platform and open transaction marketplace beta version. Starting today, audience data sellers will be able to list their data for sale on the system and data buyers can browse the data catalog, make selections, combine data sets to find increased campaign lift and acquire data. The company estimates that online campaigns will perform two to three times better using the platform.

General availability of the platform is scheduled for the fall of 2010.

Brilig has solved three of the most vexing problems in online advertising today:

  • How to identify audience members across multiple data sources,
  • How to tap into the vast, but highly fragmented and non-interoperable universe of audience data, most of which is unavailable to advertisers, and
  • How to create an open and transparent transaction marketplace for audience data to enable buyers to negotiate pricing and terms, and publications to sell data without risking cannibalization of premium ads.

Prior to Brilig tracking audience members across multiple databases was virtually impossible. By deploying the Brilig Pixel, the system can identify multiple instances of an audience member without any personal identifiable information (PII), enabling highly accurate segmentation, creative direction and advertising delivery.

The Brilig solution recognizes and normalizes many types of audience data – search data, contextual data, behavioral data, profile data, commercial data, and campaign data, so they can be mixed and matched to create new and novel segments.

As of today, 2,100 unique segments listed, more than 50% of which has never been publicly available for targeting purposes before. For example buyers can acquire:

  • Traditional segments such as in-market travel and auto.
  • Demographic data across many data sources to gain maximum reach.
  • Previously unavailable segments in categories such as wellness, pets and beauty.

The company expects to have over 10,000 segments listed by the end of 2010.

Unlike data exchanges, Brilig oversees but does not participate in the marketplace. By taking on a organizing and oversight role, rather than being a data reseller, Brilig has no inherent conflicts of interest with data sellers or segment makers. The Brilig transaction marketplace is an open, transparent and predictable audience data "shopping center" for buyers and sellers.

"Brilig combines the best elements of a financial-style exchange with the flexibility and rapid evolution that the online ad targeting business demands," said Paul Cimino, Brilig's Chief Executive Officer. "Our mission is to create an open marketplace where unique audience 'recipes' can be created and tested – just like in a test kitchen, and then used in the real-time world of ad targeting."

What's Available In This Release

In the first release of Brilig, the following features will be available:

  • The Audience Dictionary – sellers will be able to list their audiences, and buyers will be able to browse the dictionary to find audiences they are interested in.
  • The Brilig Pixel – an easy to deploy beacon that enables the system to detect audience members across multiple data sources.
  • The "Test Kitchen" – a set of testing and reporting tools will enable buyers and segment makers to perform Boolean operations on multiple data sets to test different audience "recipes" until they've found the best performance for their campaign.
  • The Brilig Open Marketplace – a set of market mechanisms that enables buyers and sellers to transact audience commerce in a predictable, open manner.

The Brilig system was designed to protect the privacy of audience members and will conform to all current and future regulations. Consumers can easily opt-out of the Brilig system at

Additional functionality to each of these modules will be released throughout the remainder of 2010.

Key Players Represented On Brilig

To date, over 75 audience data sources are represented on Brilig. Rapleaf, which helps its clients personalize their customer's experiences, is one of Brilig's beta launch sellers.

"The Brilig platform allows us to scale our audience distribution and allows us to deal directly with buyers, providing us with both liquidity and the ability to obtain the most value for our data," said Dan Scudder of Rapleaf.  "Brilig also gives us a unique data acquisition platform on which to build and create new segments using our data combined with those of other companies through the Brilig marketplace."

Beta launch buyers include TidalTV, which is an online video network for branded advertisers and publishers, and Chango, which has built a Demand Side Platform specifically with the goal of making display advertising simple and effective for search marketers.

"Partnering with Brilig allows us to more effectively reach, analyze and optimize the delivery of advertisers' messages to their target audiences on a real-time basis, and as a result provide increased campaign performance and better utilization of our inventory," said Kevin Haley, Chief Scientist of TidalTV.  "By introducing new in-market and behavioral segmentation capabilities to the online video marketplace, Brilig is helping TidalTV deliver on our promise to serve the right ad, to the right person, at the right time."

"As a DSP specializing in search, Brilig offers us a wide assortment of data in search as well as other categories," said Chris Sukornyk, Chango's Chief Executive Officer. "This will enable us to better serve our search marketers and agency partners and deliver better yields."

Simple Business Model

The Brilig business model is simple and was designed for audience commerce on a large scale. Buyers or sellers only incur costs when a transaction inside the marketplace is completed and the charges are based on records used or a percentage of the segment auction. The price for data is set by negotiation between the buyer and seller or segment maker.

About Brilig

Founded by Christopher Keith, former Chief Technology Officer of the New York Stock Exchange, Brilig provides an open, transparent and structured marketplace for the listing, combination, analysis and buying or selling of audience data for online advertising targeting. Data sellers gain the ability to sell their data alone or in combination with other data sources to create unique, previously unavailable segments. Data buyers gain access to a vast library of data sources to better target their online advertising. Segment makers can either distribute their existing segments or create new ones from the available data sets. For further information, please visit our website at

About Rapleaf

Rapleaf is the leader in bringing new and effective data segments to the online marketplace to help advertisers find the right audiences. Rapleaf's services help top retailers, political organizations, airlines, hotels, cpgs, and other leading firms gain consumer insight, and plan online media. For more information, please visit

About TidalTV

TidalTV is a video advertising optimization and yield management solutions provider. Its AdOS™ technology leverages the power of data and mathematics to guarantee delivery of a brand's message against a target demographic, and enables content creators and publishers to completely monetize audiences across demographic segments.  Currently, TidalTV has deployed its technology for online video and is working to expand its reach to all video delivery platforms.  Chairman & CEO, Scott Ferber pioneered pay-for-performance Internet marketing through superior analytics with, an online advertising network he co-founded in 1998.  With TidalTV, Ferber is applying complex optimization mathematics to the management and delivery of video advertising campaigns, and enabling superior advertiser returns, campaign efficiency and publisher yield.  For more information visit:

About Chango

Founded in 2008, Chango has built a Demand Side Platform specifically with the goal of making display advertising simple and effective for Search Marketers.

Through our data network, Chango anonymously captures the search history of hundreds of millions as they search on Google, Yahoo! and Bing. Search marketers are able to effortlessly import their SEM keyword list and serve dynamic display ads to their exact target customers.

Founded by repeat entrepreneurs, Chango is headquartered in Toronto and funded by investors including iNovia Capital, Metamorphic Venture Partners and Extreme Venture Partners. For more information visit: