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New site provides athletes an opportunity to build their sports resume in a unique, interactive platform!

Jan 13, 2010, 13:15 ET from SelectStat

HOUSTON, Jan. 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Athletes, parents and coaches involved in sports are starting the New Year off with a unique resource to help capture player and team statistics, enabling players to build a valuable sports resume that can improve their overall performance, in a fun, simple and interactive format.  

SelectStat™ is a web-based statistical tracking system for sports teams, coaches, and most importantly the individual athlete. SelectStat™ provides nonprofessional athletes with the statistical resources necessary for them to improve within their sport, and the ability to share their achievements with whomever they choose, creating their own personalized sports resume. From the date of registration through their entire sporting career, athletes can track their success over the years. SelectStat™ maintains individual athlete statistics indefinitely, as long as the athlete is a member.

SelectStat™ provides resources that are similar to those that professional athletes enjoy, at a price that is affordable to everybody.  The only cost of the service is to the member athlete. A one-year membership costs $29.99 for one sport, regardless of how many teams the athlete is on.  An optional $19.99 upgrade allows the user to have full access of any sport available on the site. There are no other fees. All other users, including parents and coaches, are FREE.

SelectStat™ was founded by two coaching fathers who saw an opportunity to help the players they coach build their sporting resume while improving their overall game.  They developed the site to be a safe and interactive arena for players and coaches to actively enhance their team performance.  "We believe that anything worth doing is worth tracking. As fathers, we were looking for a way to engage our children and to teach them the value of tracking and recording performance statistics," said Sean Ulrey, COO, SelectStat™.  "As coaches, we wanted to see the impact of each individual player on our teams.  We see the creation of SelectStat™ as a great tool for all coaches and athletes that want to excel in their sports. Additionally, as parents, we see a true value in having a complete statistical history of our child's sporting career."

SelectStat™ provides numerous benefits to all who utilize the site including:

  • Tracking of achievements and progress within a sport
  • Transparency on individual standings within the team and league
  • Ability to better see areas of improvement
  • Ability to create an online profile with video
  • Ability to track growth, records, and achievements over a period of years
  • Ability to increase or decrease focus on training
  • Unique ability for parents to track child's progress when unable to attend games and/or practices

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