Bring Your Photo Gallery to Life with PhotoSocial for iPhone

PhotoSocial Delivers the First iPhone Application Designed to Instantly Organize your Photo Collection

Jan 29, 2013, 13:43 ET from PhotoSocial

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Jan. 29, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, 1UP Industries founder Jeff Bargmann, author of organizational lifesavers like "Stardock Fences" and "Bins," launched PhotoSocial, a new iPhone application that intuitively organizes your photo collection and provides a private social experience for exchanging photos with friends.

PhotoSocial: Photo Gallery Upgrade for the iPhone reinvents the concept of the photo gallery. Designed to feel built-in to your phone, PhotoSocial organizes your collection instantly and provides simple, natural gestures for helping you finish the job. It's the most exceptional mobile photo gallery ever made, and is the new must-have for anyone who takes photos with their iPhone.

"The photo gallery on the iPhone hasn't been improved since the iPhone 1," said Jeff Bargmann, founder and chief developer of PhotoSocial. "This isn't an app, it's a core piece of your iPhone made better. On top of that, it builds in a private social experience so that you can exchange photos with friends, then like and comment on your photos in private. Photos you receive save right into your gallery for you to keep, and are interactive just between friends who were there. This, is what a modern photo gallery is supposed to be."

The world's first upgrade to the iPhone's built-in photo gallery, PhotoSocial starts by separating your photos out by day, then adding functionality in subtle yet immediately familiar ways:

  • View photos full-screen, in a grid, and in the new stream view for more casual browsing.
  • Toss photos off screen to move them to the trash; makes cleanup fast and easy.
  • Name any day by tapping its date, and get to favorite albums fast from the navigation menu.
  • Press and hold to reorganize.

In reinventing the photo gallery, PhotoSocial brings your gallery to life. With it, you can exchange photos with friends and interact privately between just those who were there:

  • Share entire days of photos instantly with a private web-gallery link. No login, no hassle.
  • Send photos direct to friends' galleries, and receive their photos right into your own.
  • Exchange photos, don't just share. When friends receive your photos, it scans their collection and suggests ones to send in return. With location data already in your photos, it knows when you and friends were taking photos together and notifies you, making exchanging a snap.
  • After sharing, your photo gallery comes to life. Like and comment between just the friends you've shared with, and view recent activity in the Feed.

Say goodbye to forgotten memories and hello to picture perfect functionality. PhotoSocial is a useful utility with the added benefits of a built-in private social network. Within minutes of downloading the app, you're on your way to organizing your photos and receiving new favorites from friends. With PhotoSocial's instant web-gallery sharing, you can send not just a few but an entire day's worth of photos instantly via email or text message. Your photos are viewable on any smartphone or desktop, and friends don't need PhotoSocial to view the photos you send. PhotoSocial is the most beautiful, functional photo gallery you've ever seen, and will forever change how you think of your photo collection.

PhotoSocial is available in iTunes for an introductory price of $1.99.

About Jeff Bargmann and 1UP Industries
Jeff Bargmann is the founder of PhotoSocial, 1UP Industries, and author of acclaimed Windows desktop utilities Stardock Fences, ObjectDock, the DellDock and Bins, which have earned over 10 million downloads and have shipped on tens of millions of computers sold by Dell and HP worldwide.

Jeff is a passionate technology entrepreneur and a grad student at the University of Michigan, where he is actively involved at TechArb, the university's student tech incubator. He is a recipient of the Dare to Dream grant and has just applied to NYC TechStars.

Media Contact:
Jeff Bargmann | Founder and Developer

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