"Bring Ziva back to NCIS!"

Mar 12, 2014, 16:00 ET from TheRanking.com

MADRID, March 12, 2014 /PRNewswire/ --

  • The audience of CBS' show ask for the comeback of Ziva to NCIS
  • 60.000 fans already voted for the return of Coté de Pablo's character
  • NCIS  ratings have dropped

TV users are not just viewers any more. They create social movements, able to change big networks' decisions. Many television executives have already discovered the power of their audience on many occasions.

Iconic demonstrations by Trekkies achieved the renovation of the original Star Trek Series. Most recently, viewers' pressure led to A & E to return to Phil Robertson his starring role in the reality show Duck Dynasty. This is exactly what NCIS fans intend to do: bring back the actress Coté de Pablo to their favorite show.

On July 10, 2013, CBS television studios announced that Coté de Pablo would be leaving NCIS in Season 11 for reasons still unknown and this decision originated a wave of protests. Viewers organized online platforms, a letter-writing campaign and finally a ranking on TheRanking.com, where users can vote for the Israeli Mossad agent to return.

The result is that over 60,000 participants have voted so far for a massive "Yes, please" asking CBS to give back to Coté de Pablo her character, which was one of the most popular and loved of NCIS, one of the first American television shows.

"Ziva makes the show"

CBS hasn't decided yet if Ziva will be back. In the meanwhile, many NCIS fans have threatened to boycott this police drama: "If she does not come back soon I am going to stop watching the show".

CBS should now answer this massive NCIS fans demand and should try to bring Coté de Pablo back. Or, at least, they should try to explain the reasons for Ziva's disappearance, since they might lose an important audience next season. In fact, NCIS has been the most watched scripted show on American television since its seventh season. It even became the most watched program in 2012-2013, with 21.34 million viewers on average. Despite being leader in its spot, the last episode couldn't draw more than 17.68 million Americans for CBS. Maybe, as a fan commented, "Ziva makes the show".

Atala Martín

SOURCE TheRanking.com