Bringing Internet Searchers to Your Door

Jan 19, 2016, 10:23 ET from You Can Be Found

FREEHOLD, N.J., Jan. 19, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Eyelids tend to get heavy when search engine optimization (SEO) is introduced into the conversation, but one expert argues it is a critical tool in marketing your business. Imagine potential customers or clients searching to find you among the 150 million active websites out there as estimated by Netcraft, an internet research and security firm. You may be meant for each other and never know it, and it's all about leaving a trail of virtual breadcrumbs that brings the searchers right to your door.

"Many business owners are doing a lot of what they have to do for SEO already," reports Jeremy Skillings, a search-engine marketing specialist whose business, You Can Be Found, a Google Certified Partner, is headquartered in Freehold, NJ. "They just need some guidance to help 'aim' their content to better show up in searches and enhance existing offline relationships to make sure they have online value."

Once you get them to your door, he says, make sure you have something to show them. Offline marketing is still important to the medical and service providers with whom Skillings has worked closely in recent years, providing them with robust increases in search traffic by connecting their offline marketing efforts to those that occur online.

In the search engine world in which Google reigns, complex algorithms are the mathematical tools used to sift through prospective sites and find those that are best for you based on your search criteria, ranking them in descending order. Search engine marketing requires an intimate knowledge of how this process works, following strict rules of engagement, so to speak, in an effort to keep the playing field even.

The Google algorithm, says Skillings, is meant to mirror a strong marketing presence and connections within the local and industry communities. You Can Be Found's record of success includes a regional audio-visual consulting company whose overall search traffic has tripled in a few short years. Then there is a large benefits consulting firm, Brown & Brown, which enjoyed a 40-percent search boost in just a few months by re-directing online marketing and laying the groundwork for growth moving forward.

Though its search process may be confusing for the average business owner, Google strives to be straightforward and easy to understand, continually updating and improving the algorithms in its keyword-based search system.  Much of the confusion comes in the way that Google punishes those who try to abuse the system or play fast and loose with the rules. 

"The basics are: reputable links to your site, good content, and a fast, easy way to navigate your site," Skillings noted, "and these are what you should want from your website anyway."

With some guidance from a reputable consultant, you ensure you are following the rules and, as a bonus, see new business coming in from Google by harnessing its power and making it work for you.

SOURCE You Can Be Found