British Ambassador to Bahrain Praises Efforts of Nation's National Dialogue

Sep 15, 2011, 16:03 ET from Kingdom of Bahrain

MANAMA, Bahrain, Sept. 15, 2011 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Newly appointed British Ambassador to the Kingdom of Bahrain, Iain Lindsay, recently applauded the efforts of the nation's National Dialogue and reiterated Britain's commitment to supporting Bahrain.

Speaking to Gulf Daily News, Lindsay acknowledged the difficulties the country has faced recently and praised the government for turning to dialogue and peaceful discussion as a solution.

"There has to be a process of dialogue and that can't happen on the street," Lindsay told Gulf Daily News.  

Lindsay also expressed enthusiasm at the reforms that resulted from the National Dialogue, saying there were clear recommendations aimed at continued political, economic and social reforms. Lindsay in particular praised the National Dialogue's recommendation for an anti-sectarian law.  

As far as the implementation process for the National Dialogue reforms, Lindsay believes effective implementation of the reforms will play an important role in the nation's future.  

"The effective implementation [of the National Dialogue recommendations] is absolutely critical and an inclusive process of implementation will be absolutely critical in bringing back stability, prosperity and reconciliation," Lindsay told Gulf Daily News.

Lindsay also offered his and Britain's help, if desired, to aid in implementation of the National Dialogue reforms.

He also noted how important it is all for all members of society, at all levels, to engage in dialogue as a way to enact change.

"I think it's the responsibility of all leaders in society, whether in government, opposition or community leaders, to calm the situation, to encourage dialogue and encourage reconciliation," Lindsay was quoted as saying in Gulf Daily News.

Lindsay also praised the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), being led by Mahmoud Cherif Bassiouni, as another positive, peaceful way for the nation to move on and noted he was looking forward to seeing the outcome and any resulting reforms.

SOURCE Kingdom of Bahrain