British Beauty Brand Soap & Glory Sponsors 'One of a Kind' Art Project

British beauty brand Soap & Glory believes that bathing isn't just a necessity - it's an ART FORM. So when Hamburg creative Oliver Voss hit on an idea for a BIG, PUBLIC, FUN installation in the heart of Hamburg, Soap & Glory signed up as sponsor before you could say, "Achtung Bather."

Aug 04, 2011, 16:03 ET from Soap & Glory

HAMBURG, Germany, Aug. 4, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Hamburg is a city built around water. The Inner Alster lake is such a popular spot for people to relax beside (or walk, cycle and run around to work up a fetching glow) that it's known as 'the living room of Hamburg.' So why not the bathroom, too? For 10 days, Die Badende will be luxuriating in what we'd bet is the world's biggest tub.

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It was Hamburg's special relationship with water that inspired creative Oliver Voss to create Die Badende: "Die Badende will become a landmark of the city for the short time she's with us," says Voss. "Hamburg and the water belong together. People live by, and off, the water. My team and I wanted to demonstrate this relationship in a fun and entertaining way. We also hope she will encourage more people to rediscover and experience our city by the water – after all, if the Inner Alster is the living room of Hamburg, of course someone should make themselves comfortable in it!"

Oliver Voss is a well-known name in Hamburg's cultural scene, having created art projects for Hamburg's Museum of Arts and Crafts and the TV show Kunst, Kultur & Kuchen (Art, Culture and Cake). He runs his own advertising agency, is president of the Miami Ad School Hamburg, and was CEO of the advertising agency Jung von Matt.

Soap & Glory founder Marcia Kilgore was thrilled by the concept as soon as she saw it. (So enthusiastic in fact, that on the rare occasions she's been able to enjoy a soak in the bath, she's been doing so in full makeup and a Marilyn wig to, you know, 'channel.') "We launched Soap & Glory in Germany last year, and we've been looking for a way to say, 'Thank you!' to everyone for embracing our products, and making us a real success there. At Soap & Glory, we consider it our calling to bring more beauty to the world, and have fun doing it - Die Badende does exactly that (all, of course, in our signature demure, subtle and understated way)."

Special efforts have been made (besides the crane standing by with an enormous towel) to ensure Die Badende won't leave anything behind when she makes her graceful exit from the water. Fully recyclable and made from waterproof, non-polluting materials, she's guaranteed to leave the Inner Alster as pristine as it was when she entered, ready for everyone to enjoy.

Facts about Die Badende


3.96 m


20.45 m


2 t


steel, polystyrene, filler, polyester resin, paint


Die Badende is made from a steel cage to give her stability, and is hollow inside. The framework was then coated with prefabricated Styrofoam elements (30 cm thick), followed by a layer of special filler, which is modeled and sealed with polyester resin. The fine contours of the sculpture were painted on.

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