Britpop Drummer Saves Pub Quiz

Apr 03, 2013, 07:13 ET from SpeedQuizzing

YORK, England, April 3, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Alan Leach from Britpop band Shed Seven, along with his tech-head brother John Leach, has designed a much-needed update to the old pen and paper style pub quiz. Utilising mobile technology, this pioneering application takes full advantage of the one item people take everywhere, the mobile phone.

Lightyears away from a pen and paper trivia night!

The SpeedQuizzing night is all about fast pace and swift reaction times, creating an electrically charged, buzzing atmosphere with TV quiz show intensity.

At the beginning of a quiz, one member of each team downloads the free SpeedQuizzing app onto their smartphone leaving it on the table to be accessed by all team members. The smartphone is connected over WiFi to the quiz host's computer, running the SpeedQuizzing software. 

The SpeedQuizzing app eradicates the ability to cheat, rejuvenating the original format and taking quiz fun to a whole new social level.

With up to 32 iPhonesiPodsiPads or Android devices connected to the system at one time, the fun begins. Players are given a time limit in which to input their answer into their touch screen device, which instantly beams their time-critical answers to the host for instant success or humiliation.

See this in action:

Speed bonus!

Another level in the Smartphone Pub Quiz is the speed bonus. The first team to answer a question will have their chosen sound clip played over the PA, which can lead to added hilarity (QI has nothing on this!)

Pictures beamed to screens

The latest innovation is onscreen picture questions. In SpeedQuizzing, random pictures are beamed by the quiz host to all of the connected handsets appearing at exactly the same time for players to respond to real-time. The old style printed picture sheet just doesn't cut the mustard anymore!

Fingers on buzzers

Quizmasters can download this app now and host the quiz this weekend, fulfilling any TV game show ambitions with edge of your seat buzzer games and thousands of questions.

With an assortment of rounds, players respond to questions by tapping their smartphone screen as fast as they can. The fastest team give their answer whilst the rest are locked out!

Other great features:

  • Studio quality sounds effects and buzzer noises provided by the software adds to gameplay, creating a TV quiz show atmosphere.
  • Any quiz host can easily create their own sound clips rounds using their own mp3 files.
  • The SpeedQuizzing system manages all aspects of hosting a quiz night including displaying the questions, storing team names and keeping score. It can even log where each team are located within the room! 
  • There are significant price breaks when bookings are made in advance. This is a pay as you go service with no sign up fee or deposit required.
  • Simple to install, it's time for YOU to become the next best SpeedQuizzing host!


The SpeedQuizzing team are Alan Leach, John Leach and Chris Jones.

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