Broadband Providers Support FCC Proposal

Jun 15, 2010, 07:00 ET from tw telecom inc.

WASHINGTON, June 15 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ --

The following statement can be attributed to the CEOs listed below:  

"We, the undersigned competitive local exchange carriers and independent Internet Service Providers, embrace an open and competitive market, and we know investment and innovation result when the rules of the game are consistent and transparent and the playing field is level.  We also know consumers benefit when there is more broadband competition offering more choices.  That's why we support Chairman Genachowski's proposal for a narrowly-tailored framework for oversight of broadband access.

"The FCC is working hard to make sure every American can enjoy the opportunities broadband brings by ensuring its continued authority to oversee broadband access.  Specifically, the FCC's proposal uses tightly targeted forbearance and a light regulatory touch pursuant to Title II to ensure it can stop anti-competitive behavior that could harm consumers or the competitive broadband market.  Adoption of a Notice of Inquiry on the proposed Third Way is the necessary step to promote continued innovation, creativity, and investment in the technology sector that will result in economic growth and job creation.  

"We add our collective voice to those supporting the Third Way and commend the FCC for showing the kind of innovative thinking and leadership critical in a broadband world."

Michael K. Robinson

Dudley R. Slater

Arunas Chesonis

President & CEO


PAETEC Chairman & CEO

Broadview Networks

Integra Telecom, Inc.

Danny Bottoms

Cardi Prinzi

Larissa Herda



Chairman, CEO & President

Cavalier Telephone, LLC

New Edge Network, Inc.

tw telecom inc.

James F. Geiger

Howard Janzen

Carl J. Grivner

Chariman, President & CEO



Cbeyond, Inc.

One Communications Corp.

XO Communications LLC.

Patrick Bennett

Robert H. Turner

Dale R. Schmick

President & CEO



Covad Communications Company

Pac-West Telecomm, Inc.

Yourtel America


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