BTS Unveils PraefectaVISION for Augmented Reality

Oct 28, 2010, 10:04 ET from BTS

Industry leader breaks new ground with innovative augmented reality technology for the Warfighter.

COLUMBIA, Md., Oct. 28 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ --  Today BTS™, a leading provider of tactical 3G/4G cellular communications technologies, unveiled their PraefectaVISION™ suite of augmented reality software. This marks the first major product launch from the Advanced Polymetric Experimentation (APEX) Division of BTS, which evolved from internal experimentation of augmented reality capabilities and mobile application development.



The PraefectaVISION suite of augmented reality software allows the user to view location and mission specific information on the move in real time. PraefectaVISION is comprised of an event processing server layer and a client application that synchronizes a user's interactions with their environment while enriching the user interface with server side data integration.  PraefectaVISION is able to handle squad situational awareness, geospatially relevant data, and polymetric data processing such as voice matching and facial recognition.

"Imagine if the Warfighter could have constant situational awareness of where his teammates are located or a combat medic located hundreds of miles away could instantly see an injured soldier's wounds and tell him how to properly treat them," said Brian Ballard, Vice President of APEX. "The potential for augmented reality is limitless and BTS is thrilled to have technology that will enable delivery of relevant information to the Warfighter faster than ever before."

PraefectaVISION combines the user experience and feel of combat focused games used in simulation training with real world intelligence to provide a groundbreaking tool, both on the Battlefield and in training. Augmented reality views have the ability to operate on Commercial off the Shelf (COTS) equipment, including the iPad, iPhone and Android phone, as well as customized solutions including glasses and mobile biometric devices.  

"PraefectaVISION will change not only what soldiers see on the Battlefield, but how wars are fought," said Chris Clark, APEX Creative Director. "Augmented reality brings a fourth dimension to the user's view of the world and allows the Warfighter to see past, present and potentially future just by opening their eyes."

Clark, whose expertise in game and simulation design has won him numerous awards including "Best of E3 Awards" from IGN, Gamespot: a Naval Commendation; and the Simulation Innovation and Design Award for lifetime achievement in game design, is bringing a cognitive user experience and interface to PraefectaVISION.  

"Play is nature's oldest and most effective learning tool," said Clark. "We are building PraefectaVISION on the foundation of skills and experiences that the military already provides."

Since the company's formation in 2008, the BTS mission is to pioneer, refine and distribute unique technical solutions to State, Federal, and Commercial markets to achieve communications and information dominance. Through a combination of innovative technical products and integration, high-quality professionals, and first-rate delivery execution, BTS focuses on addressing customer's immediate and critical operational needs.

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