Bucknell University signs three-year agreement to provide Fifth Quarter Fresh to athletes as its premier sports recovery drink

Oct 15, 2015, 14:26 ET from Fifth Quarter Fresh

KEEDYSVILLE, Md., Oct. 15, 2015 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Bucknell University has signed a three-year agreement to provide Fifth Quarter Fresh chocolate milk as the primary workout and sports recovery drink for its athletes, 5QF officials announce today.

The agreement follows a pilot during which Bucknell increased its purchase volume of Fifth Quarter Fresh from 300 units per week to 20,000 total over the past year. Bucknell leads a growing host of universities and high schools who provide Fifth Quarter Fresh to their athletes.

Made from a natural, special formula using select cows, Fifth Quarter Fresh gives athletes 20 grams of protein, more electrolytes than most commercially available sports drinks, and 40 percent more calcium and vitamin D than conventional milk for strong bones. Naturally balanced and undamaged by high heat or processing, Fifth Quarter Fresh provides the nutrients that athletes need to recover, repair and build new muscle.

"We were looking for a good workout recovery drink that would be beneficial to our student-athletes," said Chad Mason, associate director of athletics for operations and events at Bucknell. "We were drawn to Fifth Quarter Fresh because it is wholesome and free of the synthetic materials contained in some similar products."

Bucknell's pilot started with its football team, but expanded to include men's and women's soccer, cross country/track and field, swimming and diving, volleyball, rowing and wrestling.

"Fifth Quarter Fresh is our primary supplement after workouts," said Joe Susan, head coach of the Bucknell University Bison football team. "We use it to maintain weight, especially during the course of a season, and to provide calories, carbohydrates and protein."

Bucknell's football team also offers Fifth Quarter Fresh to its athletes after games and during the offseason.

"It's easy to use and our student-athletes like the taste," said Susan. "It's not a thick chocolate that makes you feel bloated. We always have a refrigerator full."

Bucknell joins a growing trend of schools providing fresh, natural, high-performing workout recovery products to their athletes. Fifth Quarter Fresh has been used by student-athletes in Boonsboro High School, North Hagerstown High, South Hagerstown High, Allegany High School, Oakdale High School, Urbana High School and Linganore High School in the past year.

"We are pleased to have Bucknell as our partner and applaud them for being at the forefront of athletic nutrition by a providing, safe, natural, superior product for their student-athletes," said Richard Doak, co-founder of Fifth Quarter Fresh. "Athletes need critical nutrients within the first two hours after a workout in order to properly repair and restore their bodies. If those nutrients are delayed, the athletes may not get the full benefit of the workout and could increase their risk for injury."

A recent University of Maryland study funded by the Maryland Industrial Partnerships (MIPS) program showed that Fifth Quarter Fresh outperformed competing products for muscle endurance recovery by 13-17 percent.

Fifth Quarter Fresh is currently available to schools throughout the Mid-Atlantic Region. The milk is produced by farms in the Hagerstown-based Lanco-Pennland Quality Milk Producers, a farmer-owned and farmer-run co-operative with nearly 650 members spanning the U.S. East Coast. Frederick-based Dairy Maid Dairy bottles Fifth Quarter Fresh.

To get Fifth Quarter Fresh for your school, visit www.fifthquarterfresh.com or contact the company at info@fifthquarterfresh.com.


SOURCE Fifth Quarter Fresh