Budenheim Introduces a Crisping Agent for Microwaveable Food

Oct 31, 2013, 13:53 ET from Budenheim

BUDENHEIM, Germany, October 31, 2013 /PRNewswire/ --

Acting like an ingredients based inner susceptor, the innovation BUDAL® MW 500* is made for direct use in dough and batter systems. It provides flexibility in formulation while maintaining the characteristics of the microwaveable food.

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BUDAL® MW 500 directs the absorption of microwave energy at the surface of a baked goods accompanied by its transformation into heat. The result is intense heating of the product's surface imitating the heating process in a traditional baking oven. The surface turns brown. Crust characteristic, sensory properties and product qualities are identical to that achieved in a standard baking oven.

BUDAL® MW 500, acting as "crisping agent", gives doughs and batters special properties for heating or baking in a microwave field. Products with added BUDAL® MW 500 in the dough do not need any additional crisping sleeves or susceptors for an appetizing appearance and crispiness.

Additionally, the BUDAL® MW 500 provides a significant measure of sustainability and environmental control as the traditionally used ferrite-coated susceptor packaging material is not biologically degradable.

The benefits do not only include a simplification and acceleration of the baking process, there are also immense cost savings.

BUDAL® MW 500 has been successfully tested in various baking applications and will be presented to a wider professional audience during FI Europe 2013/ Hall 8 K46

Budenheim launches LEVALL® AS - alternative to SALP

Matching tomorrow's regulations already today. New integrated phosphate compound for light and delicious baked goods.

Consumer safety combined with forward-looking and market-specific solutions is what Budenheim focuses on. Due to a recent development of European legislation (EC regulation 380/2012), the aluminium dosage in food additives is going to be restricted to a far extend. In particular, sodium aluminium phosphate (SALP), used as leavening acid in sponge wares and scones, is affected by this regulatory change starting February 2014.

Budenheim's philosophy of being ahead when it comes to changes in regional regulations and providing customers with adequate and in time solutions gave rise to the product innovation called LEVALL® AS.

LEVALL® AS as alternative to SALP provides a light, well aerated texture and high volume of the sponge ware. This again leads to deliciously moist, tender end products, and the desired typical cracks in scone applications. A good mouthfeel without grittiness is guaranteed. Additionally, LEVALL® AS delivers a plus of calcium.

Following successful industrial trials, FI Europe 2013 in Frankfurt is the optimum platform/ Hall 8 K46

About Budenheim:

Budenheim is a global specialty chemicals company with production sites in Budenheim/Germany, Shanghai/China, Monterrey/Mexico, Columbus/USA, La Zaida/Spain and Valencia/Spain. Building on an innovative portfolio of products and services, Budenheim offers sustainable solutions for a broad range of applications. These include food, pharma and personal care, water treatment, cleaners, paints and coatings, high temperature lubricants, metal surface treatment, building materials, ceramics, glass and glass ceramics, refractories, plastics, packaging, batteries, and many other special applications. Budenheim generated revenue of several hundred million Euros in 2012, operates most modern and environment-friendly, and has a workforce of around 1.000 employees.

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