Buffett Senior Healthcare (BSH) Unveils 2012 Plans for Further Nationwide Expansion Into Growing Baby-Boomer Market

Jan 24, 2012, 10:41 ET from Buffett Senior Healthcare

RICHARDSON, Texas, Jan. 24, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- Due to increasing demand and rising need for its products and services, Buffett Senior Healthcare (BSH), a revolutionary marketing firm, is pleased to announce its nationwide expansion plans. BSH's target market, the Baby-Boomer Generation, is a sales market that has continued to be unaffected by the downturns of the economy. The company's focus continues to be on providing high quality preset appointments to its rising number of salespeople throughout the United States. Since 2011, people desiring an unlimited income capability across the nation have been inquiring about sales position opportunities via their website at www.BuffettSeniorHealthcare.com

While Buffett Senior Healthcare has been making a name for itself as a result of partnerships with Fortune 500 companies, they recently became highly recognized as an organization with an unprecedented ability to produce high volumes of business in a short period of time. With the new expansion plans not only are hundreds of new exclusive sales territories becoming available for the most qualified candidates, management positions are as well.

Since its products are in such high demand by the senior population requiring healthcare protection, Buffett Senior Healthcare is able to reward those willing to take on the challenge. The greatest benefit with BSH is the tremendous job and financial security offered to its sales consultants. Their proprietary and innovative methods of meeting the needs of a rapidly growing population centers around BSH affording its salespeople an abundance of selling opportunities that eliminate their need to rely on the typical prospecting methods used by traditional marketing firms.

Buffett Senior Healthcare's preset appointment program allows individuals who are committed to achieving success to realize their ambitions in a much sooner time period than with other typical sales organizations. Their daily preset appointments have proven to be of the highest quality, and when coupled with a market unaffected by the economy, it is of no wonder that salespeople with Buffett Senior Healthcare are able to prosper in a competitive environment at such an astonishing rate. This, among other known reasons, is no doubt why Buffett Senior Healthcare has been able to secure contracts with numerous Fortune 500 companies of high prestige, worth over $120 billion.

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