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ThinkFun's Nine New Products to Debut at Toy Fair 2012

Feb 09, 2012, 13:35 ET from ThinkFun

ALEXANDRIA, Va., Feb. 9, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- ThinkFun®, Inc., the world's leading developer of addictively fun games that sharpen your mind, today announced nine exciting new products will join its product line in 2012. ThinkFun designs innovative games and apps that build brain power - encouraging strategic thinking and creative problem solving.

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Now there's a ThinkFun product for every age. This year, ThinkFun is introducing Roll & Play™, the world's first game developed specifically for toddlers. Roll & Play joins an exciting line up that features these new Logic Games and Brainteasers: PathWords™ Jr, Turnstile™, UnHinged™, Stenzzles™, and The Daily Puzzle™. Players of all ages will have a great time with ThinkFun's new family games: Distraction™, Mini Mouth™, and Yackety Smack™.

In addition, ThinkFun continues to build out its successful line of mobile apps, available for iPhone, iPad and Android. The newest additions to the ThinkFun app family include a holiday themed version of Rush Hour® and a mobile version of its classic logic game Chocolate Fix®.

"There's an incredible momentum in research around games, learning, and neuroscience. It's no secret that playing games is a great way to strengthen your mind." says ThinkFun co-founder and CEO Bill Ritchie. "It's an exciting time, and we are thrilled to be pushing the boundaries.  However, here at ThinkFun the key is to stay true to our core – first and foremost, the games have to be fun! You have to want to play them over and over – that's the key."

The 2012 Line Up

ThinkFun Jr.
ThinkFun Jr. games inspire, challenge, and build young minds while creating wonderful opportunities for family time and bonding. In 2012, ThinkFun is introducing the joy of game play to its youngest players yet.

Roll & Play
Ages 18 months and up, 2 or more players, MSRP $19.99
ThinkFun introduces the first game ever designed specifically for toddlers. Designed for parents and children to play together, Roll & Play gently introduces play patterns and promotes bonding while encouraging creativity, active play, and motor skills.

Family Games
ThinkFun has three exciting additions to its line of social games for families and friends to play together. These games are designed so that players of all ages can play together and have a great time – perfect for family nights or gatherings.

Ages 8 to adult, 2 or more players, MSRP $12.99
Strengthen your memory with this laugh out loud game of hilarious distractions. Players take turns adding to a sequence of numbers. The key is to remember the sequence - but at any time they can be distracted with a quirky question or goofy task. Distraction is a perfect way for anyone young or old to improve memory with laughter and fun.

Mini Mouth
Ages 8 to adult, 2 or more players, MSRP $7.99
A fast-paced word race that is easy to take anywhere. This simple, creative, and fun game tests players' speed and vocabulary as they compete to collect the most tiles by being the first to use the letters in a word. It's great brain-building fun in a portable package.

Yackety Smack
Ages 6 and up, 2 or more players, MSRP $17.99
An uproarious family game that lets players customize their own goofy sound effects and change them as they play. Spot the cards that match the recorded sounds, slap the Sound Smacker first, and you get to record your own silly sounds for the next round. Yackety Smack keeps you on your toes, encourages creativity, and is a knee-slapping party game for the whole family.

Logic Games and Brainteasers
Five new products join ThinkFun's stellar collection of Logic Games and Brainteasers. These puzzles emphasize creative problem solving, spatial reasoning, and strategic thinking. ThinkFun's current line up includes classics like Rush Hour and Chocolate Fix, as well as recent award-winners like PathWords™ and Solitaire Chess™.

PathWords Jr.
Ages 6 and up, Single Player, MSRP $19.99
"Tetris™" meets Word Search with this unique puzzle that introduces ThinkFun's popular PathWords game to younger players. Kids flex their spatial reasoning, vocabulary, and logic skills as they work their way through 40 fun, themed challenges.

Ages 8 to adult, Single Player, MSRP $19.99
Take your brain for a spin as you navigate through the maze. The goal is to get each of the four colored tokens into their respective corners, moving through turnstiles that shift and change the path as you go. An innovative new logic game that's great for anyone who loves mazes.

Ages 8 to adult, Single Player, MSRP $14.99
This diabolical brainteaser will have your brain flipping and twisting. Twist and turn the 10 hinged hexagons in this unique puzzle to match each of the 40 included challenges. Once you get your hands on it, this manipulative puzzle is impossible to put down.

Ages 8 to adult, Single Player, MSRP $7.99
Build stylish images and engage the creative side of your brain with this artistic layering puzzle. Rotate, layer, and stack the colorful Stenzzles cards together until the image exactly matches the challenge. These puzzles are as striking as they are clever and make great gifts for kids and adults alike.

The Daily Puzzle
Ages 8 to adult, Single Player, MSRP $7.99
A great way to wake up your brain each day. Flip, stack and rotate the six rectangular puzzle tiles to create the month and then the four square puzzle tiles to create the day. With a new puzzle each day, it's 365 puzzles in one and works year after year. (Available Summer 2012)

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