Building Energy Management Technology Landscape

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Building Energy Management Technology Landscape

The market for building energy management systems (BEMSs) comprises hundreds of vendors offering thousands of products aimed at using building-related energy data to reduce energy costs. These offerings vary based on the types of data sources used, the algorithms that analyze that data, and the ways in which the data is presented and reported. Vendors have historically focused on BEMSs based on a single source (building automation system (BAS) data, utility bills, operational data, etc.), but an increasing number of players are looking to integrate multiple data sets into powerful, enterprise-level energy management platforms.

To date, the two main functions of a BEMS have been energy visualization and energy analytics to provide basic dashboard views and recommendations regarding potential energy conservation measures. These will remain the foundation of BEMSs in the future. However, other applications, such as demand response, operations/facility management, continuous commissioning, energy procurement, and rapid energy modeling, are starting to enhance and differentiate certain vendors' BEMS offerings. In the future, BEMSs will serve an important role in enhancing building-to-grid and vehicle-to-building interconnections through the intelligent use of digital building-related energy data.

This research brief provides an overview of the building energy management technology landscape, covering the key applications and capabilities of leading offerings today as well the most likely scenarios for the continuing evolution of BEMS technology. The research brief also addresses the emerging go-to-market strategies that will expedite uptake of advanced BEMSs, and offers recommendations for current market players in order to remain competitive in this fast-moving and rapidly changing market segment.

Key Questions Addressed: - What applications and features are available in the BEMS market today?

- Which applications form the core of first-generation and emerging BEMSs?

- What are the capabilities that distinguish market-leading BEMS offerings from others?

- Which players are active in the various sub-segments of the BEMS market?

- What are the energy and cost savings associated with different BEMS applications?

- How can a BEMS vendor differentiate its product in a crowded and fast-paced technology market?

Who needs this report? - Building energy management system (BEMS) vendors

- Software developers

- Systems integrators

- Building equipment vendors

- Building controls vendors

- Energy engineering firms

- Building owners and managers

- Industry associations and research institutions

Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary2. Building Energy Management Technology Landscape 2.1 Introduction

2.2 BEMS Technology Evolution

2.3 BEMS Applications

2.3.1 Energy Visualization

2.3.2 Energy Analytics

2.3.3 Demand Response and Automated Demand Response

2.3.4 Operations and Facility Management

2.3.5 Continuous Commissioning and Self-Healing Buildings

2.3.6 Energy Procurement

2.3.7 Rapid Energy Modeling

2.3.8 Application Evolution

2.3.9 Future BEMS Applications

2.3.10 BEMS Application Functionality and Energy Savings

2.4 Market Channels and Consolidation

2.4.1 Emerging Go-to-Market Strategies

2.4.2 Co-Opetition

2.4.3 Acquisitions

3. Conclusions and Recommendations 3.1 Conclusions

3.2 Recommendations

List of Tables and Figures Energy and Cost Savings of BEMS Applications

List and Description of BEMS Software Functionality

Smart Building Acquisitions, 2011-2012

Building Energy Management Systems Landscape by Data Source (simplified)

Building Energy Management Systems Vendors by Focus Area

BEMS Application Evolution

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