BuildingStart Offers Free Digital Documentation Trial for Cooling Tower Inspections

Aug 31, 2015, 09:00 ET from BuildingStart

MINNEAPOLIS, Aug. 31, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BuildingStart, a leader in digital field testing and documentation, is releasing a free trial of its mobile software in the wake of the recent Legionnaire's disease outbreaks in New York City and Philadelphia.

BuildingStart's turnkey software eliminates time-intensive paperwork and the front-end weight of complex asset management systems. Instead, building owners, property managers and maintenance engineers can use an iPhone, iPad, Android or Windows mobile device to capture photos, complete checklists and seamlessly share information with a larger group or organization. Processes are simplified and accelerated, ensuring users can track problems and better document recurring inspections with cooling towers and other critical building systems, including fire dampers and fire extinguishers.

The free trial coincides with a New York State health official mandate that requires widespread inspection of cooling facilities, following the Legionnaire's disease outbreak that killed 10 people and infected more than 100 others. The trial provides free BuildingStart software for two Field Tools per business, and covers the lifecycle of two inspection projects over two months. BuildingStart will additionally provide access to Center for Disease Control documents explaining the Legionella bacteria as well as IOM documentation for cooling tower manufacturers, including Marley, Intercool and DAC Electric.

Andy Stadheim, CEO of the Minneapolis-based BuildingStart, says that the simplicity of the software lowers long-term costs for building owners due its quick learning curve and ease of use. Once downloaded, users in the field can intuitively learn the application and immediately begin digitally tracking and documenting information related to various building systems.

"BuildingStart takes labor-intensive processes and make them paperless, with intuitive, time-stamped photo documentation and data entry processes that keep building owners compliant," said Stadheim. "Rather than just offer a simple framework to enter assets, we're offering a richer toolset that builds awareness of what's happening with those assets over time. Building owners protect themselves by ensuring everything is recorded and shareable if a building inspector or government official requests access to data. Our focus is to get users up and running quickly and help them manage issues more easily and cost-effectively over the long run."

The BuildingStart software is available for download at the iOS App Store and the Google Play App Store for Android phones and tablets. More information on BuildingStart software can be found at the company's website.

SOURCE BuildingStart