Built.io Challenges Legacy CMS with Updates to its Headless CMS for Enterprise

Built.io Contentstack adds Mobile SDKs and API Consoles, Releases New Management Tools and Unveils ROI Calculator

Mar 10, 2016, 11:00 ET from Built.io

SAN FRANCISCO, March 10, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Built.io, a pioneer in headless content management system (CMS) technology, today releases native mobile SDKs for Built.io Contentstack, its award winning, cloud-based CMS. Built.io Contentstack further introduces a redesigned, intuitive user interface with over one hundred new features for content editors and dozens of new tools for developers. With this release, Built.io also makes available an online calculator to allow direct comparisons of costs and return-on-investment (ROI) to legacy CMS solutions, such as Drupal or WordPress.


  • Mobile SDKs for iOS and Android enable cross-platform mobile app development for developers and cross-platform mobile content management for business users. Built.io Contentstack was designed from the ground up to be optimized for mobile, with content manageable and delivered in a mobile-friendly JSON format through REST APIs. Previously, the JavaScript SDK was available to connect to these APIs. Today, new SDKs for iOS and Android are added to enable mobile content management across all major mobile platforms. With these new capabilities, developers can build powerful, cross-platform mobile applications and enable business owners to manage their content using Built.io Contentstack's intuitive, point-and-click user interface.
  • The ROI Calculator is based on a decade of experience implementing a large number and variety of CMS solutions across mid-size organizations and Fortune 500 enterprises. The ROI Calculator makes it easy for organizations to quantify the savings that they can realize vs. for example, Drupal or WordPress.
  • New Features for Developers:
    • The new Drag-and-Drop Content Type Builder allows developers to create structural page elements in seconds and accelerates the creation of corresponding page structure by 10x.
    • Separate API Consoles for Content Management and Content Delivery make it easy for developers to enable headless CMS use cases by integrating content via APIs and managing such content in a mobile or IoT app.
  • New Features for Content Editors:
    • Asset Tagging allows groups of similar assets – such as employee pictures, downloadable case studies, product images, etc. – to be grouped. Assets can still be published individually, but now also in groups based on their tags. Further, assets can be filtered and displayed based on their tags, publish status and/or file type.
    • Content Type Labels simplifies management of bigger web properties by organizing similar content types and recurring page elements, such as a page footer, community or support sections, into groups and allowing them to be searched, sorted and filtered using their labels.

"Content management is all about delivering the right information to the right destination at the right time," said Jeff Yoshimura, VP of Worldwide Marketing at Elastic.co. "With the latest updates to Built.io's headless CMS we can operate much faster and at a fraction of the cost compared to legacy CMS providers. We can connect to any data source, support today's and tomorrow's digital channels, and scale our operations with confidence."

With adoption continuing to soar and multiple new partners across three continents now selling and implementing Built.io Contentstack, the documentation (available at https://contentstackdocs.built.io) has been completely overhauled and doubled in size. It now also contains a library of video tutorials.

Unlike the vast majority of content management systems used by enterprises today, Built.io Contentstack was designed from the ground up to be optimized for mobile, with content manageable and delivered in a mobile-friendly format through REST APIs. With mobile use cases becoming pervasive, the inherent headless CMS capabilities make Built.io Contentstack an increasingly compelling choice for organizations that have to deliver and manage content across multiple channels.

However, Built.io does not just offer differentiation around mobile. There are many unique and innovative features – such as the new Drag-and-Drop Content Type Builder – that make traditional web content management an order of magnitude faster and simpler, compared to both legacy enterprise vendors as well as open source alternatives.

The Built.io Contentstack Express Framework is another industry "first-and-only." It effectively decouples the CMS from the website itself, which means developers can guarantee uptime and reliability without any dependency on an underlying CMS. Legacy CMS solutions typically rely on data being served directly by the CMS and its database, which adds unwelcome dependencies, leads to performance bottlenecks and makes the web architecture unnecessarily complex to manage and scale.

Built.io Contentstack is the perfect product for midsize organizations to large enterprise businesses. It enables companies to deliver content "at the speed of the business." It releases IT teams and webmasters from heavy involvement with trivial content changes. Built.io Contentstack can be used to manage an organization's primary web domain, but it can also be used as a part of a larger marketing/technology strategy. Many large corporations turn to microsites and mobile apps to provide content for focused needs and distinct use cases. Built.io Contentstack is the ideal lightweight CMS, allowing teams to accelerate delivery of a microsite, while still following the parent organization's best practices, CMS guidelines and mandated tools.

About Built.io Contentstack

Built.io Contentstack is Built.io's award winning headless content management system (CMS) for the enterprise. Built on top of the API-first platform Built.io Backend, Built.io Contentstack comes with mobile enablement built-in – rather than bolted on – and accelerates content delivery across mobile, web and IoT channels. Business users are empowered to manage the content they are responsible for. Developers can separately manage related code using the skills they already have and tools they are familiar with.

About Built.io

Built.io is changing the world by connecting and automating everything. Built.io's technology is trusted by game-changing startups, leading Fortune 500 companies and governments around the world to provide a new generation of digital experiences. With Built.io Flow, the award winning integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS), organizations can quickly unify all of their disparate systems to boost efficiencies and accelerate innovation; Built.io Backend, the leading enterprise mobile Backend-as-a-Service (mBaaS), accelerates mobile and IoT application development; Built.io Contentstack, the API-driven, headless CMS delivers content across all channels. Learn more at www.built.io.

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